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P.P.E. That Can Contribute to Safe, Efficient Food Production

Some may argue that the use of colors is just as important as the use of words and in some instances colors are opted in place of words. Different colors can induce different emotions and they also can be used as a guide or to distinguish. In the food processing industry it can help reduce the risk of cross-contamination that leads to recalls.

Food processors are regulated by the FDA to ensure that cross-contamination is controlled to keep consumers safe. An example of this is red meat zones be colored red, produce zones be colored with green. Another color-coding technique is using blue or black colored P.P.E. with lighter colored food products such as dough products as a darker color is easier to see and trace should a piece of the P.P.E. tear off and fall into the batch.

For a number of food processing facilities, color-coding has become one of the best preventive controls to protect food against direct contamination, cross-contact, and cross-contamination incidences. Color-coding is prized as a preventive control for its ability to easily and quickly communicate information essential for food safety.

MDS has FDA approved P.P.E. popular among the food processing for its variety of colors and performance features.

Latex-Free GreenCircle® Certified Biodegradable Nitrile Gloves

SHOWA┬« Single-Use Nitrile Gloves with EBT technologyMaking the next step in sustainability, SHOWA® has expanded its biodegradable product range of single-use hand protection products featuring Eco Best Technology®.

Gloves with EBT offer the same protection, performance and grip as their regular glove counterparts, but are better for the planet decomposing 82% in 382 days per ASTM D5526 test standard!

SHOWA® single-use nitrile gloves are 4-mil thick, comply with Federal regulations for food contact 21CFR, 177.2600 and are available in popular green, black and blue colors. SHOWA® biodegradable nitrile gloves are ideal for food service operations, food processing facilities, organic food packaging and more. [+shop here for SHOWA® biodegradable gloves here]

Lightweight Elastic Bouffant CapsColored Disposable Bouffant Hair Caps

Disposable polypropylene bouffant caps are stretched and worn over the head to provide sanitary protection for cleaner work environments, eliminate cross-contamination of stray hairs and keep hair out of an individual's face and eyes when working. Lightweight, breathable, fluid-resistant and latex-free material is available in blue, white, orange, red, green and yellow colors. [+shop for disposable Bouffant Caps here]

Food safety hinges on identifying and reducing contamination risks at critical exchange points along processes and implementing color-coded P.P.E. is one of the easiest, most effective methods for capturing this. MDS has a variety of protective gear available in variety of colors for your production line, department or facility. All you need to do now is tap the link and ...

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