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Chemical-Resistant Glove Directory

According to the Environmental Science and Technology, there are more than 350,000 chemicals and chemical mixtures in the world registered for commercial production use. Operators who come into contact with chemicals, hazardous substances and gases can be putting their hands at risk to injury.


Chemical-resistant or chemical protection gloves are essential to protecting the skin. These safety gloves can be the difference between hands that stay safe and unaffected by hazardous chemicals, dangerous liquids and toxic substances and those that are scarred and otherwise harmed through inadequate protection.


Proper attention, up-to-date knowledge and proper protective measures are critical to protecting the hands. Unless you have an on-staff chemist at your facility, selecting the proper glove for the task can be a tricky ordeal. This is where SHOWA’s ChemRest® chemical protection platform can help!

Chemical injuries are costly to both the employee and the employer; medical fees, legal fees and fines are only the monetary costs paid by companies due to hand protection failures that could have been avoided. But let’s not forget about the days-away-from-work, the reduced production time, and the serious complications that workers with chemical injuries can go on to suffer.

Reinforce Your Defense, End the Confusion & Uncertainty with the Complete SHOWA® ChemRest® Protection Platform!

SHOWA® combines unparalleled expertise in chemistry and chemical-resistant materials with top of line glove manufacturing processes, providing you a complete and comprehensive chemiChemRest.com, the original and best-in-class Chemical Resistant Glove Directorycal protection platform to a variety of comfortable, durable, and highly functional PPE gloves. Aiming to empower customers with knowledge and the tools to make better and more informed choices about their chemical hand protection, they have developed on-line tools to help you navigate through the selection process.

ChemRest® makes navigating the challenges of chemical resistant hand protection easier for safety professionals by providing an entire chemical resistance portfolio of products, resources and tools in one platform. Based on well over 70 years of product trials, market and customer research, and the joint experience of our 6000+ global employees, ChemRest® offers 3 key service pillars that serve to reduce chemical-related injuries:

  • EDUCATION : provides up to date knowledge, expertise, and tools on topics such as chemical resistance norms and chemical permeation data by glove
  • EVALUATION: glove experts assess our customers’ specific needs and test their existing gloves against the chemical environments they may encounter
  • EQUIPMENT: based on real, unbiased chemical performance data, they recommend the most suitable glove for your application.

Selecting the right chemical resistant glove for the job is a lot easier with ChemRest.com, the original and best-in-class Chemical Resistant Glove Directory. Supported by their global network of manufacturing, research, and safety specialists, www.ChemRest.com allows safety professionals to conduct an initial search for a SHOWA® glove that protects against a specific chemical or chemical mix.

With over 300 of the most popular commercially-used chemicals tested by in-house chemists, ChemRest.com is the first step to evaluating your protection against the chemicals you use, for the time you use them. ChemRest.com features user-intuitive navigation, an enhanced chemical search, and the ability to compare different gloves against each other. Safety professionals can benefit from:

  • User-friendly chemical directory with hundreds of chemicals available
  • Free on-demand testing for additional chemicals
  • Access to expert chemical data and resources in one place
  • Dedicated technical support
  • Cost-effective hand protection solution thanks to the accurate chemical glove selection and recommendation


STEP 1:  Visit ChemRest.com and select your location

STEP 2:  Search for either 1) the chemical name or CAS number you are interested in or 2) the glove you are using

STEP 3:  Select the chemical. Product or CAS and hit search (multiple chemicals can be selected at once)

STEP 4:  See the results for the related chemical information and the breakthrough time that it will take the selected chemical to reach your hand through the glove

STEP 5:  Register for your free account and download your chemical data.

Safety concerns evolve as new procedures and technologies enter the workplace. Safety regulations are revised and updated as well, with harsher consequences for companies who do not comply. In parallel, advancements in protective gear mean that safety gloves are more comfortable, offer multi-risk protection, and be manufactured more cost-effectively thanks to innovations from glove makers like SHOWA®. With their impressive portfolio of glovesachieving sustainability is in your hands! Now all you need to do is tap the link and …

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