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Single-Use Cot Sheets Prevent the Spread of Infection

According to the CDC, ambulance-transported patients account for approximately 15% of all emergency department (ED) visits and 16 million patients annually. Similiar to ambulances, medical stretchers are a main instrument in patient transporMDS 30-in x 74-in Fitted Cot Sheetst.

Emergency stretchers are used to extract an injured or sick patient from the scene and then used as a portable treatment cot until the patient is transferred to the Emergency Room or Hospital.

To protect the stretcher from blood, urine and vomit, stretchers are covered in a disposable protective sheet to create a barrier between the surface of the gurney and the patient.

Disposable stretcher sheets also help prevent cross contamination and make decontamination faster and easier which is critical when time matters.  But buyers beware....

Not all Single-Use Stretcher Sheets Are Created Equally!

Cellulose or tissue type stretcher sheets are not designed for the rigors of emergency medical services (EMS) nor do they provide a strong strikethrough barrier. These inexpensive embossed paper stretcher sheets are designed for high volume turnover and general uses such as patient exams, spa treatments or as an equipment cover. They are lightweight, noisey and rigid.

Our Single-Use Woven Cot Sheets Keep Pathogens At Bay!

When dealing with medical emergencies, emergency medical technicians (EMT’s) need a strong, soft and single-use barrier fabric that can withstand large amounts of bodily fluids, harsh movements and abrasions.

New technologies in non-woven fabrics has enabled manufactures the ability to create disposable emergency cot sheets that perform and feel like reusable cloth bedding.  Designed specifically for patient transport gurneys, we offer fluid-resistant and tear-resistant stretcher cot sheets made with non-woven fabrics and they're available in flat or fitted styles, standard weight, heavy weight, various sizes and different colors. 

Disposable Cot Sheets are Ideal for:

  • Emergency Transport
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Military
  • Hospitals
  • Long Term Facilities
  • Border Patrol/U.S. Customs
  • Search and Rescue
  • Corrections/Holding Center
  • Childcare
  • Clinics
  • Spas

Woven cot sheets are a vital tool in preventing cross contamination as they reduce surface exposure and fluid strikethroughs. Disposable stretcher sheets are cost efficient, easy and fast to use in high traffic facilities. Disposable stretcher sheets prevent the spread of pathogens and eliminate fabric laundering costs.

To compliment these single-use cot sheets, available are emergency blankets and single-use pillow case covers. For convenience and easier inventory management, consider disposable linen kits that feature a cot sheet, a blanket, an underpad and a pillow case cover.

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