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Stop the Sting with Skydrol-Resistant Butyl Gloves for Aerospace & Aviation Operators

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Skydrol is a fire-resistant aviation hydraulic fluid is manufactured by Solutia (now part of Eastman Chemical Company) and formerly manufactured by Monsanto. There are various lines of Skydrol including Skydrol 500B-4, Skydrol LD-4, and Skydrol 5 which was developed and approved to meet the Type V hydraulic fluid requirements by hydraulic fluid manufacturers and most airframe manufacturers that include Airbus, Boeing and BAE Systems. 

Skydrol is made of a fire-resistant phosphate ester base stock, with a number of oil additives dissolved into it to inhibit corrosion and prevent erosion damage to servo valves. It also includes a purple or green dye to ease identification and it has been used in aviation products for over 40 years.

Skydrol fluids are extremely irritating to human tissue and P.P.E. such as gloves and goggles are recommended when servicing Skydrol systems. If the fluid gets on the skin it creates an itchy, red rash with a persistent burning sensation and it’s incompatible with many plastics, paints and adhesives. Some materials (for example rayon, acetate) and even rubber-soled shoes may also be damaged by Skydrol.

Selecting the proper glove becomes critical for operator comfort and safety but many HSE/Safety managers have had a difficult time finding gloves that properly protect its staff against Skydrol. MDS Associates is pleased to report that our glove supplier, Guardian® Manufacturing has an effective and affordable glove solution that will not limit dexterity and offers unmatched, superior chemical protection against Skydrol!

As a company committed to safety, Guardian® Manufacturing set out to offer a glove that would not limit dexterity and would also offer a much safer glove for Skydrol applications. Using data developed through laboratory testing at an outside laboratory, utilizing ASTM F739 standards for permeation testing. The Guardian testing results speak volumes about the quality of their product.

Top takeaways:

  1. No breakthrough times
  2. No permeation reported - due to no breakthrough
  3. No physical degradation – no changed in the physical look, feel, function of the glove


Why Permeation Matters

Permeation testing involves exposing one side of a glove to chemicals and noting breakthrough time (the amount of hours or minutes it takes for the chemical to be detected on the opposite side) and the permeation rate (the rate at which the chemical passes through the material). Long breakthrough times and low permeation rates are desirable qualities in glove selection. The permeation rate is expressed as the mass of the permeated chemical per area of glove material per unit time (μg/cm2/min). Permeation tests are generally conducted for a maximum of 8 hours. If no breakthrough time is observed, the reported breakthrough time is greater than 480 minutes. All tests are performed in triplicate.

Factors that Should Affect Glove SelectionGuardian™ Butyl 5-mil Gloves

The following factors, in conjunction with permeation data, should be considered when selecting a glove for a particular operation:

•  Glove material—Different polymeric materials resist chemicals at different permeation rates and breakthrough times.

•  Frequency/severity of contact—Permeation tests present a worst-case situation of continuous liquid contact with a glove. Immersion of hands in chemical liquids is not a recommended practice. Where feasible, implement engineering controls and good work practices to reduce such practice. Frequent contact with Skydrol products requires gloves demonstrating higher breakthrough times and/or lower permeation rates. Frequent replacement of gloves may be necessary to reduce skin contamination, especially when operations require repeated removal and donning. If you observe changes in glove material consistency, immediately remove and dispose of the gloves.

•  Chemical mixtures—Permeation behavior of mixtures can be very different from that of individual components. The test data provided here are for pure samples of hydraulic fluids. Mixtures with other solvents or dilutions of Skydrol may alter the effectiveness of the gloves listed in this document.

• Temperature—Data are from tests conducted at 73◦F/23°C. However, gloves generally become less resistant to chemical permeation as the temperature increases. An increase in temperature of 50◦F/10°C can cause approximately a twofold decrease in breakthrough time and a similar increase in permeation rate. These tests do not consider thermal protection for handling hot materials. Such use may require different materials of construction.

•  Thickness—Permeation varies directly with thickness. The thicker the glove material, the longer the expected breakthrough time; however, thickness might not affect permeation rate

.•  Manufacturers and quality control—Processes can vary from one manufacturer to another. Consequently, a given glove material from one manufacturer may not have the same breakthrough time and/or permeation rate as one obtained from a different manufacturer when challenged with the same chemical. These tests were conducted using a single lot of a manufacturer’s gloves. The results are specific to the manufacturer and glove material and are valid only if the manufacturer maintains high standards of quality control.

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