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The Importance of Selecting The

Correct Chemical Protection Glove

Often times chemical-resistant gloves are purchased solely based on price. However, one must consider a few items before purchasing that given industrial safety work glove.Image result for Butyl Chemical Protection Gloves
  • What chemicals are being used?
  • How is the glove being used?
  • How many disposable gloves are we going through at a time? 
  • Do operators require fine tactile touch?
  • Do we have a glove option that might last longer? And provide added protection?
Butyl gloves offer superior chemical protection against a wide array of industrial used chemicals. Butyl gloves typically have a higher upfront cost versus a single-use type glove, but they can be used time and time again - simply wash and air dry. Some end users use the same set of butyl gloves for months, they would have used thousands of pairs of disposables in that same time. These end users are finding great success in using these gloves, as well as the cost savings associated with not needing to purchase as many pairs of gloves.
If you are seeking a long-lasting and tactile glove that protects against a wide variety of chemicals, then consider butyl gloves.  If you are using a lot of gloves, need protection against cleaning agents, harsh chemicals, live agents, pathogens, vectors and other micro-organisms and want a glove that will last - you must check out these American Made Butyl Gloves built to Military Specifications from Guardian Manufacturing.
Butyl gloves are available in smooth and rough finishes, these different finishes allow the end user to have a great grip, good dexterity and offer superior chemical protection as well. They are long-lasting, have great tensile strength and snugly fit the hand. Butyl safety gloves are also provide excellent breakthrough times against a broad range of aggressive hazardous chemicals, biological and radiological threats.
Butyl outperforms the heaviest of industrial nitrile gloves and nothing matches its' permeation (hold-out or chemical seeps) and degradation (physical changes that happen to a glove). The reduced-mil butyl style gloves are elastic, flexible and soft to wear and they look and feel like a single-use latex or nitrile glove, but be assured, butyl is a protective beast!
Uses for Butyl Chemical Gloves would be:
  • Agriculture and Manufacturing
  • Cleaning Agents
  • Emergency Responders
  • Fire, Police
  • Chemical Mixing
  • Fueling Operations
  • Fertilizer Manufacturing
  • Water Treatment Facilities
  • Aero Space Plating operations
  • Metal Fab Foundries
  • Railroad and Mining
  • Automotive
Butyl gloves are highly resistant to many chemicals such as solvents, MEK, highly corrosive acids (nitric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid and red-fuming nitric acid), strong bases, keytones, aldehydes, esters, acetone, alcohols, nitrocompounds, water vapor gases (chlorine gas or hydrogen cyanide), lithium, peroxide, rocket fuels,  concentrated alkali, mineral acids, aggressive cleaning agents and more. Butyl gloves also resist oxidation, ozone corrosion and abrasion, and remain flexible at low temperatures.
We have a butyl glove for every scenario! Here are some of our butyl selections:
  • Variety of mil-thicknesses
  • X-Small through X-Large hand sizes
  • Curved or fitted hand styles
  • Rough textured or smooth finish
  • Variety of styles - Butyl Gloves, Butyl Surgical Fit Gloves (hand specific sizes), Butyl Glovebox Gloves (shoulder length) and neoprene gloves

Save money over single-use heavier gauge industrial nitrile gloves and elevate compliance today-buy Butyl Gloves from Guardian Manufacturing made in Ohio, USA.!
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