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Traffi® - The Carbon Neutral Hand Protection Specialists

Meet Traffi® - a Certified Carbon Neutral Work Glove Supplier with a Mission to Reduce Hand Injuries, Costs, Waste and Carbon Emissions

The World's first carbon neutral hand protection - LXT work glovesEvery time we travel, move freight or produce something in a factory using power generated by fossil fuels we emit harmful gases called Greenhouse Gases (GHG). They form a layer of pollution in the atmosphere causing the energy from the sun to bounce back and warm the planet a second time. This is called Global Warming.

When we cut down trees, we are putting pressure on the natural environment. Deforestation and greenhouse gases are destroying Eco-systems all over the planet, and Traffi® took note.

Traffi® is an industry leading designer of industrial work safety gloves. As the inventor of the original color-coded visual safety awareness system in hand protection, they have turned a shade greener and is making a change to help the planet.


Traffi® has been calculating the total greenhouse gases that are emitted from the production of their LXT® (Life Extending Technology) work glove range. This is known as a product carbon footprint. But this wasn’t enough for them so they set out on a mission to find a way to compensate for their impact on the environment.

Traffi’s manufacturing facility set-up a certified emissions reduction process and a product carbon footprint assessment for their LXT® work gloves. This process measures the greenhouse gas emissions that are produced from their raw materials stage right up to the time they are ready to be shipped to the customer. This approach is called measuring from Cradle to Gate.

Within their own supply chain partnerships, Traffi® has been able to reduce GHG emissions through the setup of their very own reforestation project. Through this ISO 14064 certified project, around 113,000 trees have been planted, loved and kept green. Spread over 620 acres, these trees more than compensate for the emissions caused by their glove production.

INDEPENDENTLY VALIDATEDTraffi red carbon neutral work glove holding cut cannabis

A carbon consulting company then calculated Traffi’s carbon footprint by looking at organizational emissions. They looked at Traffi® transport and storage plus they studied their vehicles and energy usage. Traffi’s footprint has been verified independently by the Sustainable Future Group.

The Sustainable Future Group has also helped Traffi® select and support a carbon reduction project that has lead them to announce their LXT® Life Extending Technology work glove portfolio is Carbon Neutral.

The proprietary Life Extending Technology (LXT®) treatment provides wearers with extra longevity and enhanced resistance to oil, dirt and water. Available with different palm coatings, these LXT® seamless knitted work gloves feature ANSI rated cut resistance in various glove gauges.


LXT® work gloves helps to reduce your carbon footprint and when you come to measure your own business carbon footprint, they’ve already taken care of hand protection for you! The emissions from raw materials all the way up to delivery has been measured and offset.

We can’t change Earth's past but we can change its future and it starts with you! Purchasing a glove from the Traffi® LXT® range supports a reduction in GHG emissions and helps extends our planet’s life and keeps Eco-systems safe for generations.

Divert Landfill, Stop Plastic Pollution and Go Sustainable Today.

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