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Wholesale Commercial Wiping Supplies for Home or Office

When we purchase toilet paper, facial tissue, disposable napkins or paper towels, many of us realize that these consumable supplies won't last very long and a trip back to the store for replenishment is inevitable. Wholesale Commercial Wiping Supplies for Home or Office

Faced with tight budgets and limited time, buying paper wiping supplies for the home or office in bulk cartons or large count packs has its advantages. They reduce the frequency of purchase and often yield a lower-per-unit cost. It also saves time, energy and gas!

Shopping trips to large retailers or membership buying clubs can translate to long check-out lines, big crowds, and limited store help! And, it doesn't stop there.

These items now need to be dragged and loaded into the car only to be unloaded and carried inside. Sure seems like a lot of non-sense just to save a few bucks on everyday consumables like toilet tissue, facial tissue or kitchen towels doesn't it?

Shop MDS | Wholesale Paper Products

For nearly 30 years, MDS has sold a full-line of competitively priced wiping solutions for the home, shop or office.  

These supplies include folded paper hand towels, rolled kitchen towels, facial tissue, individually wrapped bath tissue, personal cloths, shop wipers and wipers for general cleaning. For institutions with high turnover, jumbo roll paper towels and jumbo roll toilet paper used with universal or non-proprietary commercial dispensers are also available for offices.

Folded paper hand towels such as C-Fold and Multi-fold towels are very popular and commonly used in public bathrooms, kitchens and examination rooms with universal wall mounted towel dispensers. The +Kleenex® 01500 C-Fold towels are a high-end, embossed paper hand towel made with super Absorbency Pockets while the +Scott® 180 Multi-Fold towels offer outstanding value. If high-volume, high waste is a concern, try +MDS Economy Brand Multi-Fold Towels and extend budgets.

Kitchen Roll Towels are economically priced and ideal for general purpose wiping applications, but for those seeking softness and absorbency, Perfect home or the bistro, try our  +Prime Source Paper Dinner Napkins that come packed 3000 per carton. From luxury spas to child care facilities, we sell master cases of 2-ply Facial Tissue in convenient personal packs or large Wholesale Wiping Supplies & Paper Products for Home or Officecount boxes such as Kleenex® Hi-Count. MDS sells a wide line of rolled standard bath tissue to fit any budget.

Add it doesn't stop here- we have a price point for everyone - just contact MDS Associates with your request

SAVE Time & Money

From well known, high performing brand names such as Kleenex®, Cottonelle®, Surpass®, Wypall®, and more to great value generic off-brands, we have a solution for everyone and at a price point to fit any budget. Our wholesale institutional paper supplies offer a lower-per-unit cost than store offered styles and best of all, they are delivered directly to your door.

Automatic Delivery | Scheduled Product Replacement

Put your paper supplies on automatic delivery and never place an order or run out of supplies again. Choose the date, the quantity and we will do the rest. The dates and quantities can be changed at any time - it's that easy.

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