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WypAll® X90 Wipers 

Shop Cloth Replacement Towels

There Wasn't a Better Wiping Option Until Now... Wypall X90 Replacement Shop Cloth Wiper

Shop cloth towels were rented by many industries for many years. They were durable, strong, absorbent, re-usable and had a semi-rough surface texture that made wiping easier.


Back in the day, renting these towels had some advantages, but one thing became obvious to many. There is no way of knowing or assuring where that towel was used previously, or what was in contact with it?


Bulk-packaged and bundled, there are no traceable or recordable measures, and shop cloths are mass handled and mass laundered. This may not matter to everyone, but for many manufacturing facilities, it absolutely means everything because nowadays consumer products are being scrutinized closely for byproducts and contaminates that could transfer or cross-contaminate within production processes.

Some proponents of shop cloth rental towels will claim that with proper industrial laundering, the towels will be clean for use...but try telling that to company with a heightened sense for contaminates such as a pharmaceutical facility, automotive paint line or a medical device manufacturer. The very thought of using a shop towel that may have been used and laundered previously with gas, oil, inks, solvents or other industrial chemicals in a pharmaceutical plant is a contamination risk that some facilties aren't willing to take.

You'll Think It Is Cloth

The disposable wiper industry had many wipers available, but nothing could replace or perform like cloth until a new alternative was created. Kimberly Clark® Professional Wipers like the Wypall® X90 Cloth Wipers are the closest thing to fresh, clean shop towels. They are soft, textured, thick, highly durable and can be dried for reuse. Wypall X90 Industrial Cloths

Made in U.S.A.

WypAll® X90 Cloths are designed for the toughest and most demanding applications in any industrial facility. These low-lint cloths have the highest fluid capacity of any product in the WypAll® Brand and can lift, as well as release, fluids. It also helps reduce solvent waste. 

A deep, honeycomb textured embossing aids in tough wiping tasks and increases wiper longevity. And the best part is, they can be air-dried and reused multiple times. Simply place or hang them in an open area and let dry. No commercial dryers, no chemicals, no energy - now that is a green advantage!

 Wypall® X90 Features:

  • Low lint
  • Contains no glues, adhesives or binders
  • Low extractables for very clean solvent wiping
  • Outstanding fluid reservoir capacity for absorbing or delivering fluids
  • Improved durability for continual and repeated use, as a cloth
  • Dye-Free The Denim Blue color will never bleed, because no dyes were used in production

Ideal For:

  • Solvent Wiping
  • Surface preparation
  • Equipment cleaning
  • Product Polishing
  • Repair and maintenance


WypAll® X90 Cloths deliver superb fluid handling which allows you to accomplish clean wiping applications like never before. When you need durability, cleanliness and high fluid capacity, reach for WypAll® X90 Cloths.

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Wypall® X90 Cloths       12889   11.8" x 12.6"       BLUE, DENIM     1 Roll = 450 Sheet(s)        1 Case = 450 Sheet(s)

Wypall® X90 Cloths       12890    8.3" x 16.8"        BLUE, DENIM     1 Box = 68 Sheet(s)         1 Case = 340 Sheet(s)

Wypall® X90 Cloths       12891  11.1" x 16.8"        BLUE, DENIM     1 Box = 136 Sheet(s)        1 Case = 136 Sheet(s)

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