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Kimberly Clark® Industrial Wipers  

Selecting the Correct Wiper for the JobKimberly Clark® Wypall Brand Disposable Wipers

Disposable Industrial wipers have many advantages and are useful in many settings for effective dust and dirt removal as well as cleaning up spills, drying, polishing surfaces or for use as a personal cloth or bath towel. Selecting the right disposable wiper for the task is essential for time and money.

WypAll® X90 Cloths with Hydroknit technology are designed for tough jobs and have the highest fluid capacity of any wiping product in the WypAll® Brand line of wipers. WypAll® X90 Wipers provide outstanding wet strength and deliver superb fluid handling and complete clean wiping applications like never before. WypAll® X90 Cloths Advantage performance features: Low lint | Low extractables for very clean solvent wiping | No glues, adhesives or binders | Outstanding fluid capacity and release | Soft, thick and durable for repeated use | Blue color will not dye bleed. For more info on Wypall X90 Wipers [click here].

WypAll® X80 Wipers with Hydroknit technology are the industrial wipers of choice for the toughest jobs. WypAll® X80 Wipers outpace shop towels and rags and are ideal for heavy-duty machine & part wiping, wiping metal shavings, prepping surfaces with solvents, cleaning rough surfaces. Wypall® X80 performance features: Pound for pound, absorbs more water and oil than rental shop towels | Consistent size, shape and cleanliness | Available in a wide range of dispensing options. WypAll® X80 Wipers with Hydroknit technology are designed to tackle heavy-duty industrial jobs usually handled by cloth rags.

WypAll® X70 Wipers offer long-lasting performance that extends usage and reduces waste. Use for cleaning surfaces & tools and heavy-maintenance wiping. Wypall® X70 performance features: Pound for pound absorbs more oil and water than rags | Cleans oil, grime and solvent with one wipe | Versatile, economical alternative to scrap rags and shop towels.

WypAll® X60 Wipers have the absorbing power of Hydroknit technology in a lighter-weight wiper. Designed to outperform cloth rags, WypAll® X60 Wipers raise the bar for general-purpose industrial wipers. Use for removing cable lubricant and applying thinners and solvents. Wypall® X60 performance features: Adhesive cleaning | Removing grease & soil in tight areas | Does not contain adhesives or binders; leaves no residue | Reinforced for extra scrubbing and cleaning power | Tough enough for big jobs — soft enough for face and hands.

WypAll® X50 Wipers are an eKimberly Clark® Industrial Wipers   conomical extended-use light-duty wiper that outperforms the competition. WypAll® X50 Wipers are durable, versatile and combine versatile performance with and economical design.  Use for applying lubricants, vehicle & equipment cleanup, low-lint glass cleaning & surface wiping. Wypall® X50 performance features:  At least 25% more sheets than leading competitor | Tackle a variety of jobs | Reinforced for strength when wet or dry | Smaller sheet size means less waste.

WypAll® L40 Wipers are an outstanding general purpose wiper that performs well in a wide range of industrial cleaning and personal wiping tasks. WypAll® L40 Wipers feature DRC (Double Re-Creped) sheet technology that creates an absorbent sponge-like inner layer that absorbs liquids fast, with a soft, touchable outer layer. Use for absorbing large liquid spills & leaks, routine industrial cleaning and maintenance and removing soils and liquids from face and hands. Wypall® L40 performance features: Absorbing large liquid spills & leaks | Routine industrial cleaning & maintenance | Removing soils & liquids from face & hands | Easily absorbs liquids, lubricants, and oils | Soft enough for use on face and hands.

WypAll® L30 Wipers are a lighter-weight wiper that provides exceptional performance and value for the money and can be used in place of air laid wipers. The DRC process gives WypAll® L30 Wipers a high surface softness and its reinforced grid provides wet-surface wiping and cleaning strength. Use for light-duty cleanups and janitorial and maintenance wiping. Wypall® L30 performance features:  Process line wiping & cleaning | Strong, yet soft enough for personal use and patient hygiene | Cloth-like feel at a value price | Ideal for a range of light-duty maintenance, processing and janitorial wiping tasks.

WypAll® L20 Wipers deliver value, versatility and provide reliable performance. Use for single-use parts and tool cleanup, general-purpose field utility wiping, retail store maintenance and cleaning. Wypall® L20 performance features: Textured for extra cleaning power | No binders or glues | Multi-ply capacity for large spills | Meets EPA standards for minimum post-consumer waste content.

WypAll® L10 Wipers deliver value, versatility, and provide reliable performance. Use for spray and wipe jobs, glass surface cleaning, absorbing small liquid spills and dairy wiping. Wypall® L10 performance features: Strength and durability for general cleanup tasks | Meets EPA standards for minimum post-consumer waste content.

Scientific Specialty Wipers such as Kimtech Science® Kimwipes® delicate task wipers are used in research, medical offices and laboratories. Use Kimtech Science® for wiping delicate surfaces, parts, instruments and lens cleaning. They are available in a variety of sizes and styles and easily clean liquids, dust and small particles. Kimtech Pure® Wipers have been specifically designed, tested, certified for ISO Class 4 and higher cleanrooms. These wipers are ideal for use in pharmaceutical, high-tech, biotechnology, scientific, medical-device industries and they're double-bagged in anti-stat packaging. Kimtech Prep® Kimtex® Wipers made for WetTask Wiping Systems include a portable bucket for filling with desired disinfectant or sanitizer.  These enclosed system helps eliminate contaminated rags and solutions and helps reduce exposure to chemical vapors and splashes. Kimtech Prep® Scottpure® Wipers are critical task wipers made of low-lint cloth-like rayon/polyester spunlace material that provides excellent absorbency and low extractables. 

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