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RV Season is the Reason for AquaSorb

Commercial Grade Moisture Absorber & Mold/Rust Inhibitor Pouches Keep Interiors Fresh & Dry!

When the warm weather arrives, RV’s often make the trek from storage to the home driveway or camping resort where they rest for a few months of summer fun. Exposed to the weather elements, recreational vehicles are often sealed closed for extended periods and they’re subjected to changing temperatures that typically create condensation.Destructive Mold From Improper Storage

If condensation or “RV sweat” is left unregulated, it quickly creates damages to the interior cabin, pantries and closets beyond repair. Many owners are often shocked to see that mold, mildew and rust have developed in the cabin’s interior during winter storage as well as during the camping season.

Moisture is known to be a natural enemy to interior cabins, and lowering the relative humidity is critical to a fresh and dry cabin interior. While in storage or when locked closed in the driveway, recrecreational vehicles are exposed to the elements and fluctuations in both temperature and humidity.

As the temperature and humidity fluctuate, at some point the temperature of the RV’s interior will be lower than the dew point of the air. It is at this point that condensation begins to occur. Even if this only happens momentarily, the moisture may be enough to promote the growth of mold, mildew, and corrosive rust inside the cabin.

During the summer months and especially during high humidity, many RV owners are forced to vent or fan their RV by opening windows and doors to reduce condensation - but very often they forget to close it up when rain moves in!

AquaSorb™ is a Safe, Easy, Affordable & Highly Effective Moisture Absorber & Mold/Rust Inhibitor That Keeps Cabins Dry & Fresh

Stop the venting and fanning - there’s a simple and more effective alternative available to managing moisture and preventing, mold and your sanity! A line of commercial-grade industrial desiccant pouches are designed to safeguard the interior of your recreational vehicle, pop-up camper or trailer. AquaSorb™ Commercial-Grade Moisture Absorber and Mold Rust  Inhibitor Pouches were originally formulated to absorb "cargo rain" in oceanic shipping containers.

This innovative absorber pouch attracts, captures and converts moisture into dry crystal like flakes preventing potential mold, mildew or corrosion damages to interior up to 90+ days (depending on humidity). Air activated technology automatically shuts “off” and turns "on" in the presence of moisture and pouches remain in a dry condition when the desiccant has reached capacity. 

Here are some other features:RVSorb™ Commercial-Grade Moisture Absorber & Mold Rust  Inhibitor Packs

  • Non-Toxic
  • No Water By-Product
  • Non-Corrosive
  • No VOC's
  • Fragrance-Free
  • Disposes Safely in Trash
  • Safe for All Surfaces

AquaSorb™ is perfect for year round use or winter storage and can travel with you while you drive. Simply place the appropriate number of moisture absorber packs throughout cabin areas and seal RV shut.

Simple and effective—you can trust the protection of AquaSorb™ - it eliminates moisture so you will never see corrosive rust, mold or mildew growth and the cabin will smell fresher and feel drier when taken out from storage.

An important benefit is that the use of AquaSorb™ prevents having to clean up mold from the cabin, which is an expensive and invasive abatement that’s very involved and dangerous, often times requiring the use of products that are not good for your health or the materials within the recreational vehicle!

One 500 gram weight bag treats 36 cubic feet (3’ x 4’ x 3’) area. Available in single packs, 4-packs and in wholesale bulk packed cartons.

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