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Rid DampRid® & Get Rid of Water By-Product!

DampRid® moisture absorbers are for sale in just about every major U.S. retailer, but after trying this moisture absorber, many individuals may better understand why DampRid® products are NOT used for commercial applications or by serious collectors.

Dumping Damp Rid Water Into ToiletIf flushing or throwing out a dehumidifier container full of water is your type of thing, then you might as well skip reading this, but first a note of caution: Remove that water container BEFORE you hit the road or waterway... and oh yeah, don't trip on the way over to the toilet!

Dehumidifers are purchased to protect sealed valuables from excess moisture that leads to serious damages. Why anyone would want to introduce water back into the very area they're treating just seems like nonsense!

Maybe the sight of captured water provides individuals with a warm and fuzzy feeling but personally, knowing the well being of my automoile, boat or RV interior revolves around a container or bag full of water by-product makes for a real long storage season.

The last thing I need to see when I get my beloved item out of storage is mold, mildew or rust because of a defective container that leaked, overfilled or accidently tipped over. And don't make the mistake that many others have- always remember to remove that water collector container from the car, boat or RV BEFORE you drive away or it could rupture and spill its contents throughout. Realistically, there hasn't been a perfect moisture absorber solution... that is until now!

There's a new alternative moisture absorber dehumidifier product on the market and it's changing the way we protect stored valuables. AquaSorb™ is now available as a safe, simple, easy, affordable and effective solution to regulating moisture and condensation.!

Stop Recharging or Flushing Your Moisture Absorber! There is NO Dehumidifier on the Maket That Can Do What Ours Can!

Using the same technology used in those 'Do Not Eat' packs commonly packaged inside bottles, bags and boxes to prolong and protect consumer products and food items traveling along supply chains, a premium line of industrial-sized, commercial-grade desiccants is available exclusively through MDS.

Patented for commercial applications such as absorbing "cargo sweat" in oceanic shipping containers carrying electronics, clothing, equipment and food, ours will outperform charcoal, silica and clay based sorbents hands down! If they are good enough for large international companies shipping their goods around the world- then they should be more than good enough for your storage needs!

Product Features:Moisture Absorber & Mold Inhibitor Storage Packs

  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-Leaching
  • No Water By-Product
  • Non-Corrosive
  • No VOC's
  • Fragrance-Free
  • Disposes Safely in Trash
  • Safe for All Surfaces

Designed specifically for your application, our moisture absorber dehumidfiers maintain optimal humidity levels and attract, capture and convert moisture to starve away mold, mildew and corrosion for up to 90+ days. And here's the best news, these non-toxic pouches do not leach and ALWAYS remain in a dry state making them ideal to use when driving or boating. Awesome for seasonal use and even more perfect for seasonal storage!

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