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Get rid of those instant hand warmer packs, bulky snow gloves and those thermal glove liners that hinder dexterity. In as little as 60-90 seconds you can take a bite out of the frigid cold and surround your hands with consistent heat. With three temperature ranges, these patent-pending, battery powered Boss® Therm™ Heating Glove Liners might just make winters more tolerable.

If you have spent any length of time in cold conditions, you know that the hands and fingers are usually the first to get cold.  Numbness or tingling are signs that the body is trying to maintain its proper temperature and a clear indicator that the glove is not well suited for the frigid temperatures you are working in.

These Rechargable Fingerless Glove Inserts Transform Winter Gloves Into Warming Compartments for the Hands in Seconds!

From the PIP® family of safety products, these one size fits all, snug-fitting fingerless 399-HG20 Boss® Therm™ Warming Glove Liners will quickly produce heat for up to 2.5 hours. Available with three temperature settings, simply click your preferred temperature range and the heating element will start to warm the blood as it circulates over the back of the hands.

Enhance the Warmth of Your Glove & Maximize Heating Efficiency

These USB rechargable, battery operated Boss® Therm Heating Glove Liners are ideal for individuals who remove gloves frequently.

399-HG20 PIP® Boss® Therm™ Battery Heated Glove LinersA winter glove is only effective when it is worn and anytime a wearer removes his or her glove in the extreme cold conditions, the trapped heat escapes. When this situation happens, the cold hand is unable to heat up the internal temperature of the glove, defeating the purpose of it.

The Boss Therm™ Fingerless Glove Liner not only heat the hands,  it also warms the gloves interior, acting like an insulator. And, the longer it's worn the warmer the glove will become.

Therapeutic Benefits

The battery powered Boss® Therm™ Gloves make great therapeutic liners for individuals suffering from Raynaud's disease, tendonitis or arthritis.  The fingerless thumb-saddle design makes these ideal for solo-wear applications such as operating vehicles, machinery, equipment or for using utensils, instruments and tools.

When the cold weather conditions arrive, be sure to charge up and layer up with the Boss® Therm™. They’re a must for snow removal, snowmobiling, snow boarders, winter sports enthusiasts, outdoor laborers, fishermen, hunters, skiers, delivery and service personnel.


Simply plug the adapter into USB port and connect the batteries. When the flashing red indicator turns green, they’re charged and ready for use. Unplug the batteries from the USB charger and connect them to the cord located inside the cuff pouch and tuck inside. Press and hold the power button, select desired color or temperature below:


  • LOW HEAT (Green) - 90° F
  • MEDIUM HEAT (Blue) - 110° F
  • HIGH HEAT (Red) - 125° F

The rechargable Boss® Therm™ Heated Glove Liner is made with machine washable, soft 4-way stretch material that conforms to the hands without sacrificing dexterity while the extended cuff eliminates drafts or snow from entering the glove. Included with purchase are two USB rechargeable Li-ION Poly batteries.

Base Layering

Now you can combine the technology of these Boss® Therm™ Glove Liners with the Boss® Therm™ Heated Vest.  Worn as a base layer, these thin, flexible and adjustable heating vests maintain core body temperature without hindering movements and compliment the glove liners. You can purchase these here: +300-HV100 Boss® Therm™ Heated Vest.

Work Longer, Faster and Feel Better In Moderate to Extreme Cold Temperatures

A cold worker is an unproductive worker who is at jeopardy to a cold stress injury. When the cold weather arrives, be sure to keep them safe and warm. Easily reduce the numbness, tingling and pain associated with cold temperatures while enhancing the function of your winter or thermal glove. But take our word for it.

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Review Notes

You can't go wrong with these Boss® Therm Gloves. They're just thin enough to wear with a pair of heavily insulated leather driver gloves but if your current winter gloves are already snug on your hand, we suggest going up one glove size. The long cuff design will not blend well with a wrist watch or braclet and we advise removing jewerly before donning these glove liners. The stretchy material is soft and comfortable against the skin, however consistent flexing motions such as snow shoveling might cause the hand(s) to become fatigued or cramped requiring a short break. The batteries are ultra-thin. lightweight, barely noticeable and stay out of the way of movements.

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Replacement Batteries Available: 399-GLVBT (Contact MDS)

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