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As the cannabis and organic food industry continues to evolve, it’s important that growers, harvesters, processors and owner operators find new innovative products to manage and market their business and brand to maximize sales. MDS provides innovative products and solutions that are very popular among the organic and vegan food markets and trending among the cannabis industry for its healthiness and simplicity.

From biodegradable gloves to compostable containers and humidity regulators, our innovative products can impact your branding, increase profitability and reduce landfill waste. Praised by consumers, many of these products often become conversation topics!


Merchandising your cannabis or organic products not only enhances the customer experience, it creates a professional image and maximizes sales.  Compostable packaging made from plants not plastics provides differentiation and adds impact. Trending in dispensaries for its styling, simplicity and healthiness many are replacing glassware and products made from polyethylene and converting to the following high quality FDA-compliant PLA plant-based compostables instead!

Double the Impact! Customize with your slogan, logo or message in your favorite color(s) OR add a compostable “+Made from Plants Not Plastics” sticker to our pots, containers or Kraft products below!

  • COMPOSTABLE ROUND CONTAINERS: Ideal for toting, storing and/or retail display, these crystal clear plant-based PLA containers make sharp and interesting cannabis pods. They are available in +8-ounce, +12-ounce, +16-ounce, +24-ounce and +32-ounce sizes. For more privacy, check out the white fiber-based PLA-lined containers that feature an impressive green leaf designed eco-message identifying compostability. These fiber containers are available in 6-ounce, 8-ounce, 12-ounce, 16-ounce and 32-ounce styles. Both of these eco-containers are nestable and available with matching sealing lids (sold separately).
  • COMPOSTABLE PORTION POTS:  If you are looking for a sharp accessory for the dispensary, these crystal clear, plant-based PLA pots make sharp medicine dose cups  and travel well making them ideal as a gift pack or tote container. Portion Pots are available in +1-ounce, +2-ounce or +4-ounce portion sizes. Bella Pots provide more capacity, contemporary styling and feature on-product eco-messaging identifying compostability. Bella pots are available in +8-ounce, +10-ounce, +12-ounce and +16-ounce sizes and available with a variety of matching sealing lids (sold separately). Both styles are nestable.
  • COMPOSTABLE HINGED CONTAINERS: Ideal for toting, storing and/or retail display, these stylish, pristin and crystal clear plant-based PLA containers feature an integrated hinged lid that provides a great seal every time. Available in 8-ounce, +12-ounce, +16-ounce, +24-ounce, +32-ounce and +48-ounce sizes.
  • COMPOSTABLE KRAFT CARRIER BAGS & PACKS: Protect the patient’s privacy with these convenient compostable carry out paper bags made with recycled Kraft paper. Two 6” x 7” size Kraft Bags feature an impressive green leaf band identifying compostability and are available +with a gusset or +without a gusset. For larger purchases, the +8.5” x 15” Kraft carrier bags feature a pinch bottom and high tensile strength. Compostable Carry Packs feature a strong handle and are constructed using sustainable sourced Kraft board available in  +8.9 x 3.7 x 4.8in. and 10.4 x 7 x 4.9in sizes.
  • COMPOSTABLE WAXED PAPER: Compostable wax deli paper is FSC-certified and unbleached. Ideal for preventing cross-contamination, present these natural waxed paper sheets to create a hygienic barrier on display cases, counter tops, carry trays or work stations. Available in +12” x 12”, +15” x 10-3/4 and +14” x 18” sizes.


  • BIODEGRADABLE ZIPPER BAGS: Available in a variety of sizes, our environmentally friendly +GreenBran zipper bags meet ASTM D5511 for disposal in anaerobic solid-waste-treatment plants making them a must replacement for petroleum based bags! Premium zipper bags are made of 2-mil low density polyethylene and meet FDA and USDA specifications for food contact.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY SAMPLE BAGS: +GreenBran eco-friendly sterile sample bags have an additive that helps to reduce volume in landfills. Sample-ready, simply tear off perforation at top, pull open with center tabs, insert sample, fold top over, and close double-wire end tabs to create an airtight, leak proof seal for transporting and shipping specimens. These sampling bags meet FDA and USDA specifications for food contact.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY T-SHIRT TOTE BAGS:  Environmentally friendly +t-shirt bags or thank you bags (T-saks) are a must replacement for petroleum based tote bags! These eco-friendly bags have a d2w additive that helps to reduce volume in landfills yet functions like standard t-shirt bags. Choose from white or clear bags in low density or high density construction in 2 sizes and mil thicknesses.
  • REUSABLE OVERSIZED HEAVY DUTY SHOPPING BAGS: High quality craftsmanship for long lasting, reliable performance! These +reusable heavy-duty green colored woven tote bags are an ideal replacement for plastic shopping bags or laminated carry type bags that only last a few trips. Features heavy duty stitching, heavy duty sewn handles, fold out bottom and an "A World of Thanks" message on the bag. These innovative tote bags neatly and easily fold. Generously size (13.5"x7"x16"x7") to accommodate larger sized products or purchases.


Preserving or curing the medical qualities, aroma and taste of fresh buds and edibles alike is critical to profitability and customer satisfaction. Removing airborne moisture and maintaining optimal humidity is a critical aspect for growers, processors patients and dispensaries. Desiccants and two-way humidity regulators eliminate the guessing with a hands-free technology designed to maintain the perfect environment.

  • INTEGRA BOOST® PATENTED 2-WAY HUMIDITY CONTROL PACKSwill expertly control humidity levels—preserving the life of your herbal medicine you’re storing. Available with or without humidity indicator cards in 55%, 62%, 69% and 72% relative humidity levels, these +Integra BOOST® packs are non-toxic and FDA-compliant for food contact. From 3.5 grams to 6-lbs of content, these drop-in intelligent packs are used during storage to keep tobacco and cannabis at peak freshness.
  • INTEGRA DRY ASSIST 5-GALLON BUCKET:  is designed for drying processing rooms. It will absorb airborne moisture, dry your harvest at a faster rate, and reduce humidity levels to prevent mold development. Each +Integra Dry Bucket contains 30 easy-to-use, environmentally safe, non-toxic 200-gram desiccant packs. Each desiccant bag absorbs 158% of its weight in moisture for 50 days or more and will not absorb below 50% humidity. In addition, they will reduce unwanted odors, and mold.
  • CARGO DRY STRIPS AND PACKS: are designed to be hung or placed throughout drying processing rooms. It will absorb moisture, dry your harvest at a faster rate and reduce humidity levels to prevent mold development. The +Cargo Dry Strip Pack consists of a three-bag Tyvek® strip containing 1000 grams of non-toxic desiccant that absorb 158% of its weight in moisture for 50 days or more. The Cargo DryPaks are available in +500 gram and +1500 gram sizes. Perfect for cabinets, lockers and more!
  • TYVEK® PILLOW PAKS INDICATING SILICA GEL PACKETS: are FDA –compliant for contact, compact, non-dusting, durable and ideal where high moisture adsorption is required. +Pillow Paks are available in a wide variety of sizes, the Indicating Silica Gel Packs will turn blue to indicate the end of the absorption cycle and time to replace.

HAND PROTECTION                 

Gloves are worn to protect products and operators from cross-contamination and/or occupational hazards. Unfortunately millions of gloves end up in landfills each year where it takes 100+ years to breakdown. Not anymore! MDS has biodegradable nitrile gloves and work gloves perfect for growing, harvesting and handling.

BIODEGREDABLE GARDENING WORK SAFETY GLOVES: Ideal for gardening, the S15NT Dexterity® NT Biodegradable Grip Gloves from Superior Glove® are made with a seamless 100% cotton string knit shell that features a 100% biodegradable nitrile palm coat grip.  ANSI Puncture-Resistant Level 2 Rated and ANSI Level 4 Abrasion Resistant Rated, these +Dexterity® industrial work gloves are available here

  • BIODEGRADABLE LATEX-FREE NITRILE GLOVES: Crafted with SHOWA’s revolutionary Eco Best Technology® (EBT), it is the breakthrough innovation that makes these GREEN-DEX™ and N-DEX® nitrile gloves fully biodegradable, sustainable and the first of their kind.  These abilities have been validated by independent certified laboratories using SSTM international test methods (ASTM D5526 & ASTM D5511) which has confirmed that 20% of these gloves will biodegrade in 160 days with full biodegradation within 1-5 years! Shop for disposable black colored +N-DEX® nitrile gloves here or, shop for the green color +GREEN-DEX® nitrile gloves here.
  • COMPOSTABLE HANDLER GLOVES: Useful in food service lines, deli counters and other high volume applications, these compostable Handler Gloves are also ideal for handling herbal medicines and food products.  Used for light duty tasks that require frequent glove changes, this low-priced glove has a loose fit design for easy on/off. You can view or +purchase these compostable handler gloves here.

If you want your cannabis manufacturing or retailing business to succeed, you need to create a strong and recognizable brand identity. MDS offers high quality, affordable packaging products and accessories that you can use to strengthen your brand and create a great first impression on your consumers. With products that range from degradable carry bags and compostable pods to protective gear and humidity regulators, we can help your brand grow. Now all you need to do is

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