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Grip with Confidence with Cool Grip® TBM4 Baking Mitts

Whether preparing or serving hot foods or drinks, carrying hot cooking pans or reaching inside industrial ovens, bakers and restaurant workers are often exposed to the risk of contact burns that occur when the skin comes into contact with a hot ite#TBM Superior Glove® Cool Grip® Terry Cloth 17-inch Bakers Mittsm like the side of a pot or when reaching inside an oven.

One wouldn’t think that the commercial baking process of products such as cakes, pies, pastries or breads could be hazardous to one’s health but the fact is commercial kitchens can have potentially harmful risks for bakers.

According to the National Safety Council, about 12,000 restaurant-kitchen burn injuries are reported each year. Regardless of the cause – heat/fire, boiling liquids or grease – burns can create extensive scarring, trauma, and disfigurement.

Workplace injuries can also result in lost productivity, potentially higher insurance premiums, and costly out-of-pocket expenses for business owners. Providing staff with the proper restaurant equipment and P.P.E supplies is vital for ensuring the well being and safety of your employees.

It is important to take preventative measures to avoid these types of injuries and to provide workers with the correct tools and equipment. Workers should always use protective gear, like aprons and work safety gloves such as bakers mitts. Oven mitts prevents burns and are primarily used for placing and removing hot items from ovens or stove tops, handling hot plates, or dealing with other hot food items.

Cool Grip® Bakers Mitts from Superior Glove® are a front line defense against incidental contact burns and a must have for foodservice operations, restaurant kitchens and for the baking of pizza, pastries, pies, cakes and bread.

The Cool Grip® TBM4 Baker Mitts are 12-inches in length and provides extra heat protection along the arm area making them ideal for operators who need to reach deep inside conventional ovens. Constructed with preshrunk washable 32-oz. heavy-duty knit terry and a 11oz knit cotton lining, these ANSI Heat Level 4 Rated Bakers Mitts provide protection against dry thermal burns up to 500◦F.

The Kevlar® reinforced thumb patches provide durability and extra protection in the gripping region of the hands while the internal seams are pre-serged for improved seam strength and washability. The speckled brown color camouflages most stains for great-looking performance.

Reduce the risk of contact burns and reach inside industrial ovens with confidence. If you're a baker at risk you need to ...

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