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When Heat is the Issue, Try These Cotton Back Leather Palm Work Gloves

650i Superior Glove® Endura® Leather Palm Cotton Back GlovesPersonal safety and safety compliance regulations often requires operators to wear mandatory hand protection but the drawback to wearing a pair of protective industrial work gloves is that many do not allow vapor to escape, or breathe, and when worn all day, they can become very hot. Gloves that produce heat can cause hand fatigue and when this sets in, the opportunity for a hand injury increases dramatically and ultimately productivity spirals downward.

Cotton is a soft, breathable and very cool material to wear, but cotton does not tolerate abrasion very well and consequently provides virtually no protective qualities or abrasion resistance in the palm region. So, if your job requires basic protection in general  construction, assembly, fabrication and glove heat build-up is one of the main concerns, then you should consider these clute-cut Endura® Cotton Back Leather Palm Work Gloves.

An Economical Choice for an All-Purpose Work Glove

These general purpose Endura® cotton back industrial work gloves are not designed for rough or sharp environments but they provide plenty of flexibility, plus they are lightweight, inexpensive and will keep the hands clean. Quality made by Superior Glove®, they feature a soft and breathable cotton backs that will allow heat to escape making them extremely cool and comfortable to wear. They are the perfect solution for operators with busy hands! They are ideal for:

  • Construction
  • Assembly
  • General purpose

Sewn with a rugged leather palm, it provides added strength to the grip region and resists abrasion prolonging the glove's longevity. This leather palm helps operators better grip materials and prevents accidental slippage. A thick knit wrist cuff keeps the glove secured in place and also prevents debris from entering. And when they get dirty, simply toss them in the wash and re-use!

Raise productivity and increase personal comfort. Try a dozen for yourself today.

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