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Zamboni Approved Gloves

If you have a son or daughter who plays ice hockey, you know all too well how cold the rinks can be. Fortunately spectators are only exposed to the cold for about an hour a few times a week. For those who manage the rink facility or operate the Zamboni, the time spent in these cold conditions is much greater.

A Zamboni is an ice resurfacer that is used to clean and smooth the surface of a sheet of ice on a rink, often referred to as a “flood” or “cut.  

This vehicle is used to further improve the quality of the ice by removing debris, snow and deep skate-blade cuts. The Zamboni enters the ice surface after each session or depending on the level of play, after a period of play. For kids, the Zamboni is a signal to get ready to have some fun.

The hands of Zamboni operators are in constant contact with the vehicle’s cold metal levers, steering wheel, heavy metal goal nets and snow shovels. Handling these frigid devices causes bare hands to become very cold very quickly. Seeking relief, many workers opt to wear ski or snow gloves.

Recreational winter gloves are not designed to withstand the rigors of ice management. Sure they may keep the hands warm but are prone to fraying, abrasion and seam blow-outs.

For those who tend the rink, we have the perfect cold weather work glove for you! Check out these Endura® Brand Winter Driver Work Gloves from Superior Glove®!

GLOVE FEATURES378GKGDT Superior Glove® Endura® Winter Driver Gloves

Headquarted in a cold Northen climate and creators of the SnowForcebrand of snow gloves, Superior Glove® knows the cold!

Designed for demanding industrial applications in cold conditions, these 378GKGDT Endura® winter driver gloves are constructed with supple goatskin leather which has high tensile strength and abrasion-resistant properties.

This leather driver glove is fully lined with a blend of Kevlar® and composite filament fiber for hand safety. For amazing warmth, they feature a 100 gram Thinsulate liner for warmth down to -5º F and as an added bonus, they're processed with Oilbloc™ treatment for exceptional water and oil repellency.

These supple Endura® Winter Drivers Gloves provide the perfect balance of performance, dexterity and warmth without the added bulk.  These winter work gloves are ANSI safety rated against both industrial punctures threats (Level A5) AND industrial cut hazards (Cut Level A4). An elasticized cuff traps in hand heat and makes these leather driver gloves easy to slip on and off. A keystone thumb increases comfort, durability and flexibility. They are also available in full range of hand sizes (Small through 2X-Large).

Endura® brand leather gloves are known for durable performance, consistent high-quality craftsmanship and an unwavering dedication to quality. You can be assured that purchasing Endura® brand leather work gloves is money well spent!

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