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Select MetGuardPro to Prevent Metatarsal Fracture Injuries

Impacto┬« Metatarsal Extended ProtectorsThe five metatarsal bones are the long thin bones of the midfoot. A metatarsal fracture occurs when one of these long bones is broken. This might be due to sudden injury: typically an object dropped on the foot. The  tarsal  bones  break  easily  and  such  an injury  can  take  months  or  years to  heal. In acute fractures you may hear a sound at the time of the break, and experience pain, swelling, and difficulty putting weight on the foot.

The metatarsal bones (the top of your foot) are vulnerable to injury. Because your feet stick out in front of your body line, they are likely to be hit by a falling object. In addition, metatarsals are not large bones and break easily.

Safety Footwear Attachment

IMPACTO® Metatarsal Lace up Protectors deflects and disperses the impact of falling loads. Metatarsals are not protected by steel toe shoes. Steel toe shoes protect the toes.

The IMPACTO® metatarsal guard is a unique device that protects the metatarsal area of the foot. Designed to complement steel cap footwear. Made of extremely durable yet lightweight polycarbonate material and secured with existing laces or optional straps.

  • Unlike traditional metatarsal guards, the METGUARD is non-conductive for heat and electricity
  • Fits all safety shoes and boots with optional attachment straps
  • Used with existing footwear and transferable between users and footwear
  • Practical, comfortable, easy to fit and simple to use
  • Tested to conform with stringent Worldwide Safety Footwear Standards
  • Suitable for use in all workplaces and industries including mining, construction, manufacturing, transport, storage, forestry, retail trade, warehousing, storage, forestry, retail trade

An OSHA study indicated that the typical foot injury was caused by mostly metal objects with a median weight of 65 pounds and dropping less than 4 feet. The Bureau of Labor Statistics calculates that 80% of foot injuries occur from objects that weigh 30 pounds or more. OSHA states the  employer  shall  ensure  that  each  affected  employee  uses  protective  footwear  when  working in areas where there is a danger of foot injuries due  to  falling  or  rolling  objects,  or  objects  piercing  the  sole. Legislation calls for metatarsal protection when there is a substantial risk of injury and that is where the IMPACTO® METGUARD METATARSAL PROTECTOR comes into play - daily.

  • Meets minimum impact resistance 75 lbs as specified in ASTM F2412-11/F2413-11 (ANSI Z41)´╗┐
  • CE Certified 

The IMPACTO® METGUARD METATARSAL PROTECTOR is a safety footwear attachment which protects the metatarsal area of the foot. Designed and tested to be used with steel cap footwear. The lip of the METGUARD sits on top of the steel cap at load point and is secured with existing laces or optional straps. It helps protect the workers’ upper foot by deflecting and dispersing the impact of falling loads. The METGUARD fits all safety shoes and boots. It is a perfect economical solution for visitors, temporary workers, clerical, sales people or when there’s requirement for metatarsal protection.

Suitable for use in all workplaces and industries including Mining, Construction, Utilities, Manufacturing, Transport, Storage, Forestry, Retail trade & Warehousing

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