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2/24/2020 There are 79,737 confirmed cases of Wuhan Coronavirus, 2628 reported deaths & 11,567 in critical condition

2/24/2020 There are 79,737 confirmed cases of Wuhan Coronavirus, 2628 reported deaths & 11,567 in critical condition

Promote Better Hand Hygiene with  Kleenex® Ultra Moisturizing Foam Hand Sanitizer

Serious infection control starts with proper hand hygiene, and instant hand sanitizers are a key component to preventing HAI and cross-contamination. Alcohol-based instant hand sanitizers are designed to kill germs Kleenex┬« 18-oz Ultra Moisturizing Foam Sanitizer when hand washing with soap is not an option. As many are learning, repeated daily use of typical hand sanitizer causes the skin to dry out and often leads to further skin irritations such as Dermatitis. The use of  sanitizers may also leave the hands tacky and this causes healthcare providers to waste much time and energy putting on powder-free gloves.

Dermatologist Tested | Improve Skin Hydration by 30%

This fragrance and dye-free formula is NSF E-3 certified, Kleenex® Ultra Moisturizer Foam Sanitizer is ideal for professionals who use hand sanitizer frequently. Natural cucumber and green tea extracts are designed to moisturize skin for up to 2 hours - and is clinically proven to improve skin condition in 5 days. This ultra fast-drying innovative formula leaves the hands feeling nourished, soft and much healthier without the sticky residue. In fact, healthcare providers report faster and easier glove donning.

Instant Hand Sanitizing FoamsMade for Professionals Who Sanitize Frequently

This new formulation has been specifically developed with the needs of healthcare workers in mind - a highly effective and nourishing sanitation product that offers 70% ethyl alcohol protection against bacteria and fungi typically found in healthcare environments. Kleenex® UltraMoisturizing Foam Hand Sanitizer is proven to kill 99.9% of the germs that can cause serious infection, contamination or illness.


The Kleenex® Ultra Moisturizing Foam Sanitizer is cost effective because it delivers nearly twice the number of shots as gel products of the same size and 1 shot provides an adequate dose.  Packaged in a 18-oz dispenser pump bottle |  6-Bottles per Carton

Once you try Kleenex® Ultra Foam Hand Sanitizer you will never go back.

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