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Cut-Less is Serious Hand Protection against Electric Arc Risk

Arc flash, or electrical flashover, is considered one of the most deadly hazards of electricity. Often overlooked and misunderstood, arc flash is prevalent in most industries but industries at higher risk include utilities, hospitals, manufacturing companies, energy, mining, data centers and large leisure.

When working with electricity, there is always the hazard of arc flash. This severe electrical reaction can cause external burns to the skin, hearing damage, eye damage, knockback, injury from by flying debris and even death. Survivors of arc flash injuries may require extensive treatment and rehabilitation and the cost of these injuries can be extreme physically and financially.

As a last line of defense, proper personal protective equipment (PPE) can help prevent injury to the worker such as a quality pair of work safety gloves.

How Arc Flash Happens

Arc flashes typically happen when an electrical current or a conductor such as a bus bar or wire with another conductor, or an earthed surface inadvertently jumps from the desired electrical path and travels through the air from one conductor to another conductor. When this happens, anyone who might be in the vicinity or in the path of the discharge can be severely injured - or in some cases, even killed. Lightning is a perfect example of a natural arc flash.

Arc flashes occur around high voltage or current machinery for a few different reasons:

  •     Airborne dust particles can provide a path for electricity
  •     Worn through or thinning insulation
  •     Corroded contacts
  •     Dropped, misplaced or improperly used tools
  •     Accidental human contact due to inappropriate gloves or other PPE
  •     Improper or incomplete installation of equipment

Serious Hand Protection against Thermal Effects & Industrial Hazards

Majestic┬« Glove Cut-Less Goatskin Drivers GlovesIf you’re seeking specialized hand protection for professionals at risk to injury from arc flash, then you need to check out these innovative Cut-Less brand drivers gloves from the “Safety Geeks” at Majestic®.

These industrial work gloves capture multiple safety protocols including protection against impacts, bumps and bangs to the back of the hands.

Constructed with durable, supple goatskin leather, these Cut-Less work gloves are lined with cut-resistant Kevlar® for enhanced protection against lacerations, abrasion, industrial punctures and arc flash. 


Treated to resist oil, grease and water, these leather work gloves will not stain and are extremely comfortable. As an added bonus color-coded hems make size identification fast and easy.

Certified Safety Features:

  • ASTM ANSI Cut Level A4
  • ASTM ANSI Puncture Resistant Level 3
  • ASTM ANSI Abrasion Resistant Level 4
  • PPE Level 3

#1555WRK Cut-Less Drivers Gloves Arc Resistance, ATPV 36 CAL/CM2

#21285WR Cut-Less Anti-Impact Drivers Gloves Arc Resistance, ATPV 25 CAL/CM2

Available with or without impact protection in a full range of hand sizes (XS-3XL), these work gloves will change the way you view arc flash-rated hand protection.

Where protection against hazards such as thermal effects becomes necessary it must be emphasized that P.P.E does not prevent the accident happening in the first place. But should an accident happen, be sure your hands are properly protected.

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