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What to Consider When Selecting  Mechanic Gloves

Injuries such as bumps, cuts and bruises are part of the job as a mechanic or service tech, and for this reason, mechanic work gloves have a difficult task to do. A basic style glove just won't cut it when sharp, oily conditions are preMXGKGHVB Superior Glove® Clutch Gear® Hi-Viz Impact Gloves sent in the work environment. The proper pair of mechanic gloves will protect you from injury without interfering with the task at hand. With a task specific line-up of gloves from Superior Glove®, Majestic® Glove and PIP® Boss® everyone has a solution!
Here are 5 features that make for a safer, more comfortable, and longer wearing pair of mechanics gloves that work with you, not against you.

#1: Breathability

When the hands are comfortable, they are safer and more productive. In both hot and cold weather, gloves that breathe always keep your hands more comfortable. In winter, hands can sweat, which will actually make you feel even colder and in the summer, some gloves can cause the hands to overheat. Breathability, such as what's incorporated in +Clutch Gear® MXBE Mechanics Gloves answers both problems. Some gloves incorporate a lining that wicks moisture, and some let moisture escape. Some have both features. Whichever style you choose, good ventilation is critical for all-day comfort and less hand fatigue.

#2: Impact Resistance

Mechanic and impacts go hand-in-hand. Dropping a tool or an automotive part on the fingers is a constant threat and impacts are not only incredibly painful, but can cause moderate or major injury. Impact-resistant gloves helps absorb shock energy and reduce the likelihood or severity of injury.
What makes it work are protective pads of thermo plastic rubber (TPR) in key areas on the back of the gloves. Be sure to look to see if the glove meets the  voluntary ANSI/ISEA 138 testing impact standard!
These knuckle protectors are situated to intercept impact in the most likely spots, but without interfering with mobility and dexterity. Check out these +Clutch Gear® MXGCEHVB Hi-Viz Anti-Impact Mechanics Gloves or the new +TenActiv™  STXFNVB Palm Coated Knitedt Glove featuring ANSI Level 3 patent-pending skeleton bumpers. These +PIP® Boss® Impact Framer Gloves are awesome for wood workers. Be sure to check out these +Majestic® Glove Knucklehead Mechanics Gloves too.

#3: Cut and Puncture Resistance

Automotive parts, tools and the like put the hands at risk to industrial cuts and injuries from punctures. Materials such as Kevlar® and composite blends offer impressive cut-resistance. If you need ANSI puncture-resistance against fine puncture threats such as staples, wire or a needle, then consider +Clutch Gear® MXHVPB Mechanic Gloves that feature Punkban™, which is a very lightweight, puncture-resistant material. High performance +Clutch Gear® MXVSBPB Impact Protection Mechanics Glove Lined with Punkban™  resist punctures, plus cuts, impact and feature black TPR backing with PVC Sure Grip® palm patches. The all black +Majestic® Glove Powercut® Mechanics Gloves are cut level A8 rated and feature Alycore™ fine needle puncture resistant material on the palms and fingers.

#4: Good Grip

Oil, fuel, water and grease is all too common to mechanics and pretty much everything they touch has a slippery or grimy coating of petroleum-based materials. For this reason, palm coatings are effective at displacing oil help keep a tight grip, even in a oily work environment. Micropore nitrile grip coatings go about improving grip in a different way from some mechanics gloves. The micropores displace oils and other liquids, and create mild suction that lets you hold onto an object instead of dropping it. The +TenActiv™ #SHVPNFBVB Anti-Impact Hi-Viz Glove with Micropore Nitrile Palm Coating  is a serious work tool with high gripping properties and offers several other ANSI rated safety features!

#5: High Dexterity

Freedom of movement can be the crucial difference between a gloved or bar hand. Without adequate dexterity, mechanics can't handle small parts, manipulate tools or wrestle to break open items. When gloves allow for freedom of movement, they stay on the hands. A worn glove is a protected hand and the work gets done. Designed for durability and dexterity, check out the +Clutch Gear® MXGCE Leather Palm Mechanics Glove and see how comfortable and the flexible goat grain palms can be. These +PIP® Boss® Hi-Viz Mechanics Gloves are designed for heavy equipment operators who require high dexterity!
The protective TPR pads are both segmented and separated so that the semi-rigid material won't impair hand movements. An ergonomic design snugs and fits hands better which means less bunch up and a more productive hand. The fabric itself also matters. With many different styles of high-dexterity mechanics gloves, ou're likely to find one that has the fit and feel that you want.
Mechanic work puts hands at risk every day, but they're the most important tool that you own. Protect them against job related dangers and you'll enjoy many more years with fewer crushed fingers, skinned knuckles, cuts, and abrasions. Make any mechanic's day and ...

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