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Better for the Planet - EcoTek® Biodegradable Nitrile Exam Gloves

by mdsassociates
Thu, Apr 21st 2022 07:30 am

Cause For A Revolution In Disposable Hand Protection

Disposable gloves provide important barrier protection against infection, contamination and minimize potential cross-contamination of germs and bacteria.

Unfortunately, an estimated 180 billion pairs (or 1 million tons) of gloves are tossed in the garbage each year resulting in piles of hand protection waste resting in landfills. Sadly studies have shown it can take 200+ years for nitrile and vinyl gloves to biodegrade and these numbers are expected to increase vastly with a growing, aging population and a looming global pandemic.

Sustainable Single-Use Nitrile Exam Gloves

With more PPE waste than ever, EcoTek® is a GreenCircle Certified proprietary SW® nitrile formula that is making a difference and a positive impact on the environment. This special additive enables single-use latex-free nitrile exam gloves to break down (or biodegrade) in landfills by 92.6% in only 2.5 years under test method ASTM D5526-12, a much shorter time than untreated gloves and without any glove performance loss!

Available in a variety of styles, innovations and sizes, these biodegradable disposable powder-free nitrile gloves deliver unmatched comfort, dexterity, and will perform, fit and feel the same as non-biodegradable nitrile type disposable gloves except they’re much better for Earth.


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