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Orthodontic Braces Can Ruin a Vacation

If I told you that a family vacation could be ruined by something like orthodontic braces, you would most likely laugh it off. I am serious when I say that I know of a family whose vacation became more about the braces and less about the vacation.Image of Orthodontic Braces
Items such as arch wire, brackets and ligatures used in orthodontics can seriously bring a family road trip to a screeching halt. Arch wire is made of metal and formed explicitly to fit into the brackets around the mouth. Ligatures are the tiny elastic bands, or wire, that attaches the arch wire to the brackets and these components are used in Orthodontics by Orthodontists to move and correct the teeth. When there is a 'blow-out', these ortho wires and brackets can poke and slice up the interior cheek causing bleeding, swelling and throbbing pain to the patient.
In this story, one of the kids popped a wire during dinner and was in extreme agony. Something as simple as smiling was causing her extreme discomfort. Traveling on the road and in the middle of now where, they decided the best course would be to stop in the morning at the first major retail or drug store they came across while on route to their destination.
Over the course of days, they spent several hours driving and searching for pain relief at stores such as Target, Walmart and Walgreens with no success. With no Orthodontic offices around, they made an attempt to stop in a Dental office in hopes there was something they could provide her for temporary relief until the got back home.  As it turned out, the search for something as simple as dental wax came up empty.
For the remainder of the trip, this poor girl couldn't get a good night's rest or eat a decent meal because of the extreme orthodontic distress. And for the family, their vacation was distracted and somewhat short changed. It became a mission to end the misery rather spending time together as a family.
The answer was obvious but I had to ask anyway. Wasn't she given orthodontic aids for such an occasion by her Orthodontist? The answer...NO!
So I told them about these neat Orthodontic Travel Kits or Patient Hygiene Kits that come packed with a variety of items for use at home. Orthodontic aids such as orthodontic wax, floss threaders, dental floss, v-trim ortho toothbrushes, dental mirrors are pre-packed in heavy-duty plastic travel bags or hinged hard cases. 
I suggested the next time they see their tooth doctor, to make sure and tell him or her about their road trip ordeals and how the doctor can promote orthodontic care and comfort while away from the office with these effective and economical patient oral care kits.
Call me old fashion, but when someone pays big money for a professional dental or medical service, I would expect that take home patient care kits or personal aids be given to patients so proper care can be continued at home, school, work or when on vacation. I mean, Dentists give out toothbrushes and floss why not hand out orthodontic kits to orthodontic patients. Ironically, travel kits almost cost the same!
Providing orthodontic kits or patient hygiene kits is a valuable way to show that the patient's business, oral health and their braces are important. They are appreciated by the patient and their guardians and can be used when at home, school or while on vacation to maintain a healthy smile and in this case, put out a fire.  Some patients feel the gift signifies the value of their business to their doctor. Orthodontic Patient Travel Kits from MDS Associates are perfect for patient maintenance and conveniently keeps all the supplies accessible. Best of all, they can be custom imprinted with your corporate information!
Like patient appliance boxes or toothbrushes, dental hygiene kits are an important part of any dentist's office. They benefit the patients by keeping patient's mouth healthier and act as subtle reminders to schedule and keep their checkup appointments, and most importantly shows that their doctor cares about them!

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