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 OraBrite® National Brand Equivalent Toothbrushes

In 1997 OraLine was formed to meet a growing need for premium preventive oral care products throughout the professional, institutional and promotional markets. Since then, OraLine has grown and redefined the industry by introducing Orabrite® - discounted national brand equivalent toothbrushing products and a level of service that few others can match.

Oraline OraBrite® toothbrushes feature the latest innovations in toothbrush designs and materials are national brand equivalents to brands such as Mentadent®, Colgate®, Reach® and Oral-B®,  each sold at a fraction of the cost and without long-term commitments.

Available in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, these professional manual toothbrushes are designed for infants, kids, juniors, adults and each are gentle on the teeth and gums. Quality crafted, OraBrite® toothbrushes feature Dupont’s soft end rounded and polished 6.12 soft nylon filaments with easy-to-grip elastomer handles.   You can feel confident in handing these toothbrushes to your most picky patients!

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Selections include toothbrushes designed with tongue cleaners, rubber gum stimulators, compact heads or flexible necks, they are incorporated with either interdental cut, feathered, criss-cross or two-tone bristles. Also available are specialty brushes designed for sensitive teeth, orthodontic patients, denture cleanings, holiday-themed brushes, pre-pasted toothbrushes, travel style toothbrushes and toothbrushes designed for maximum security environments.

New 2020 OraBrite® Bamboo Toothbrushes

A new line of eco-friendly, natural dental toothbrushes from Orabrite® are designed to offer dental professionals, clinics and universities the option to transition to sustainable oral hygiene products, keeping the teeth clean and our planet cleaner! Now available are quality-crafted toothbrushes constructed of biodegradable and naturally antibacterial moso bamboo handles with recyclable nylon-6 soft bristles.

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Personalize your patient samples and promote your practice! With turnaround times as fast as 48 hours and quality products at competitive prices, Orabrite® is the premier supplier for all dental care promotional products. From low to high volume runs and special packaging requests, Oraline Orabrite® has the capability for custom imprinting to meet any orders-just contact us for more details!

Use toothbrushes for canine cleanings or industrial applications such as small parts cleaning, automotive detailing or marine applications. Individually wrapped for cleanliness, OraBrite® toothbrushes will save your practice, school or child care center big money. Be sure to check out their orthodontic patient preventive travel kits that insure oral health between cleanings!

Daily brushing of the teeth is important for a healthy mouth and smile. Show them you care!  Appreciated by the patient and their guardians, providing each with toothbrushes for home, school or travel is a valuable way to show that the patient business and oral health are important.

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