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Flexible Hygiene Products for Maximum Security Environments

Violent disturbances and DIY weapons put correctional officers and inmates in real danger!

Correctional officers or prison guards play a crucial role within the prison system. But working as OraBrite Secure Care Productsa correctional officer brings with it dangerous job conditions that are related to this line of work. Research has shown that correctional officers experience high stress levels, burnout, mental health-related consequences, serious injury or even death as a result of their jobs.

Endless Creativeness

It seems nothing brings out the cleverness in a person like endless days spent staring at the cell walls thinking about the outside world and freedoms lost. Because inmates have little else to think about besides what's happening within their prison walls, they often become focused on the surrounding relationships and conflicts around them.

While prisoners are supposed to be unarmed, they are very resourceful in devising innovative weapons to attack fellow inmates or even guards. With nothing but time on their hands, weapon ingenuinity is off the charts when one is behind bars. 

Inmates make everything from flamethrowers to fully-functioning crossbows. Plus, there's the usual array of shivs, shanks, knives, and blades - all made out of ordinary items that can be bought in the commissary or brought inside from the outside world. Weapons can be made from scrap metal from the workshop, a plastic eating utensil, a toothbrush or even a crucifix – all in attempt to create a device to stab another person.

Weaponized Toiletries

The shank, or shiv, is probably the most common weapon. A shank is typically a metal or plastic object used like a knife. To give it a sharp edge or point inmates will often use the masonry walls or the cement floors to sharpen or whittle objects. Typically the length of the shank is small. The handle is often held in the palm of the fist with the blade protruding between the middle and ring fingers like a push dagger. Its target is typically  the most lethal parts of the human anatomy. Inmates also create a weapon referred to as a razor whip. Razor whips use a type of handle made from objects like a comb, toothbrush or furniture post and have an anchored line attached to it that consists of a shoe lace, flexible cord or piece of fabric. The razor blades are adhered to the line and when swung, it creates something like a slashing knife. 

OraBrite® Secure Care Correctional Security Products Provide the Perfect Balance of Safety, Health & Quality

It is unfortunate that many of the hygiene products procurred to maintain prisioner health often end up as weapons in institutional settings. For this reason, it is imperative that prison toiletries be tamper proof, effective and affordable. OraBrite® security products support effective personal care and provide officer and inmate safety.


Highly flexible in nature, OraBrite® Secure Care Toothbrush Products are made specifically for use in the correctional environment.  While comparative style brushes use soft rubber handles, these types flex so immensely that inmates are often required to reinforce their handles with their fingers in an attempt to brush effectively. OraBrite® flexible style toothbrushes eliminate this action and allow inmates to brush normally. They're available with different features, security levels in the following styles:

OraBrite® toothbrushes can help make correctional facilities safer and keep inmates healthier. These brushing aides are designed to effectively cleanse the teeth, gums, tongue and allow inmates to maintain an effective oral care program in secure settings.


Designed for inmate use with safety in mind, the Secure Care Security Razors are for use in correctional institutions of medium security, maximum security and over-crowded prison environments where officer and inmate safety could otherwise be compromised. They’re cost effective and designed with a minimal structural short plastic handle to provide a shank free use, while the full head maintains its functionality. Disposable security razors feature a redesigned clear safety blade cover that highlights possible tampering and alerts staff to potential dangers. Access to the blades is virtually impossible but in the rare event it happens, it will be easily noticeable when exchanged.


Security flossers eliminate any concern over loose strands of floss as they're made with floss securely fixacted to the tool. They're designed to effectively remove plaque and allow inmates to maintain an effective oral care program in secure settings. Ideal for issue or commissary sales, flossing tools have no sharp edges or points. The U Flosser is designed with flexible plastic specifically for high security environments while it’s “U” shape offers clinical superiority.


These inmate kits are specifically constructed for high turnover facilities, processing facilities  or temporary detention centers.  They feature proven Security Care products that support effective oral health, personal hygiene as well as officer and inmate safety. OraBrite® pre-packaged correctional kits feature products specifically designed for maximum security environments and are perfect for issue or commissary hand outs.

Designed specifically for the correctional environment, tamper-proof hygiene products in the correctional environment make the employees safer and the inmates healthier. Contact us for toothgel, deodorant and similiar items not listed!

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