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Think Spring With Paper BucketsImage result for paper buckets

We want to give you a few fun spring ideas for some eco-friendly, re-usable paper buckets we carry here at mdsassociates.com. See below and choose an idea that is ideal for you and your family!

Gardening Containers

We have two sizes of paper buckets that are perfect for your gardening needs. Item number 03-3T102050 is our 53 oz. bucket and item number 03-5T1GR02050 is our 83 oz. bucket, both made by Solo®, a trusted name in household disposable products. Get your seedlings started in these buckets. Add potting soil, sew your seeds, water gently and set the buckets out in a sunny and protected area. If you are feeling crafty, paint the buckets bright yellow, blue, orange or green and show of your artistic gardening skills. Since these buckets are made of paper, they are biodegradable and will break down after the seedlings have grown and are ready to plant. If the area is large enough, you could plant the bucket right in the ground, but put several puncture holes all over the bucket first to get proper drainage and root attachment for the plant. Go ahead and plant all your favorites, after all, spring seedlings produce hearty summer gardens! Enjoy!

Easter Baskets

Here comes Peter Cottontail... hopping to pick up Easter baskets hand crafted by you. Get inspired and use paint, ribbons, bows, colorful shredded paper grass, decorative paper tissue and more to design fun little Easter baskets for all the people you love. Stuff them with chocolates and all the traditional favorites for a morning the little ones will not soon forget. You can use these to dye Easter eggs in all kinds of colors and have the kids decorate the buckets before filling them with color, giving them twice the fun. When the kids are done, simply toss the buckets in the recycle bin for a green way to celebrate the holiday.

Baby Showers, Raffles and Work Parties

These would make great buckets for baby showers. Decorate them in storks, cigar motifs, blue or pink colors and fill them with goodies to set out on the tables as centerpieces or favor buckets. Fill them with larger items and they can become good raffle buckets. Use items like lottery tickets, movie tickets, candles, edible items and even small hand tools and set them on tables to be auctioned off. If you have work parties, these can be stuffed with company logo items like pens, notepads, hand sanitizers and more. Use company colors in the décor and give them to employees as a way to say thanks for all their hard work.

Ice Bucket to Keep Things Cool

Are you hosting a party with several tables scattered about? Fill these paper buckets with ice and put them on the tables, saving trips to the bar or the cooler. Of course, you can decorate them to go with your party theme, and be the talk of the party as the most considerate party host ever. Refill as needed, toss into the recycle bin when finished.

Movie Night!

Use these paper buckets to hold your favorite movie-time snacks. Popcorn, nuts, cereal, chips and pretzels will be right on hand so you can watch the movie and not miss a minute. Easy cleanup by tossing them out and you're done.

Bring out Your Inner Picasso

Did you know these buckets can hold paint?  Well they can, so fill them up with your favorite colors and get that much needed spring refresher paint done. These are convenient because you can carry them where you need them, paint and refill, and toss when complete.  Now that you have a few great ideas, get out there and use your paper buckets for anything that sets your heart free and your inner spring soul on fire.

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