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Bouton® Optical Zenon Ultra-Lyte Fogless® 3Sixty Safety Glasses

ANSI Certified Safety Eyeglasses with Advanced Lens Technologies

bouton optical zenon ultra lyte conforming eyewearPersonal protection equipment is only effective if it is worn and with an estimated 20,000 eye injuries occurring annually in the workplace, safety eyewear is critical.  Reports show that sixty percent of the eye injuries occurred on the job while workers were not wearing eye protection claiming styling appearance, distortion, and comfort concerns prevented them from doing so. Don't tempt your employees into ditching their protective equiptment (P.P.E.), give them the protection they need with both style and comfort. 

To promote all-day wear and compliance, Bouton® Optical works to develop the most comfortable safety eyeglasses in the market. Part of the Protective Industrial Products (PIP®) family of companies, Bouton Optical has released the Zenon Ultra-Lyte™ Fogless® 3Sixty™ Coated Rimless Safety Glasses!

Ushering in a new era of extremely lightweight safety eyewear, the Zenon Ultra-Lyte™ safety spec is the lightest eye protection on the market for personal protective equipment and it is universally designed to conform to the face to reduce gaps for a comfortable and barely noticeable fit.

The Zenon Ultra-Lyte™ safety glasses feature a hard coated, anti-scratch treated polycarbonate 10 base curved lenses with 99.9% UV protection with no color distortion. A rimless wraparound design with clear lenses and temples provides unobstructed peripheral vision with extensive eye coverage and eye shield protection that meets ANSI Z87.1-2020 standards.

Lens fogging inhibits vision and productivity which may result in workers removing their safety glasses thus exposing their eyes to debris and impact. This +250-14-0520 Ultra-Lyte™ features FogLess® 3Sixty™ - the ultimate in fog prevention.  

FogLess® 3Sixty™ Technology applies a densely bonded coating to the lenses that continues to bead away water and moisture, even after repeated cleaning make them ideal when transitioning between warm and cool environments, working in a humid or wet environment, engaging in an activity that causes perspiration, or when eye protection is used with respiratory equipment.bouton optical zenon ultra lyte conforming eyewear with fogless lenses


  • Squared lens shape with a slight taper, provides modern styling for the wearer
  • Ultra-lightweight design conforms to the head promoting all-day wear
  • Spring fit temples offers a comfortable fit that conforms to the head
  • FogLess® 3Sixty™ enhanced hydrophobic action resists lens fogging and provides clear vision in extreme working conditions
  • Molded nose bridge design to fit the vast majority of users
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1-2020 standards
  • 10 Base curve lens

For over sixty years, Bouton® has built its name by developing safety glasses that workers want to wear. Today they continue to challenge conventional thinking within the marketplace. PIP® offers custom imprinting on Buton® Optical Zenon Ultra-Lyte™ Fogless® 3Sixty™ safety glasses.  But don’t take out word for it, just tap the link and get the lightest eye protection in the industry ….

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