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Punkban Work Gloves & Sleeves

If you've ever accidentally been pricked by a needle, had a splinter lodged in your skin or worked with barb wire, you understand how crucial it is to have the right protective gear while on the job. According to the Assistant Secretary for Legislation's "Statement for the Record on Needlestick #MXHVPB Superior Glove® Clutch Gear® Mechanics Hi-Viz Punkban™ GlovesInjuries", needlestick injuries make up a significant portion of health care worker injuries.   The organization estimates that anywhere from 600,000 to 800,000 of these injuries occur in the United States every year, with approximately 50% of these workers choosing not to report these incidences.

Worrying about punctures is often extremely damaging and stressful to affected workers. In cases where a worker is unsure about the severity of the hazard, waiting to find out if it will have dangerous consequences is also extremely upsetting, which can affect the family and friends of the distressed worker as well. Stressing over a puncture injury can cause productivity to spiral downward and an injury can be costly to the company.

Splinters & Puncture Hazards Don't Stop at the Hand

While there is no such thing as a puncture-proof glove, wearing puncture-resistant gloves and/or protective sleeves whenever necessary,  even if the risk is only minimal,  prevents unnecessary stress and fear while providing the wearer with a better chance of impeding or reducing an injury. Wearing a sleeve protector along with a glove will provide continual barrier protection from the hand up along the forearm, and more importantly, provide peace of mind for the worker.

Available in mechanics, leather palm or knit styles, Puncture-resistant gloves and sleeves with Punkban™ are just the answer for workers exposed to hypodermic needles, cabel/wire, barb wire, wood/lumber, metals, cardboard, automotive, recycling/refuse and glass hazards. Punkban™ is a light and supple woven fabric made by Superior Glove® using a special  pioneered spinning and weaving method using Kevlar®. You can be assured Superior Glove® is committed to quality.

  • Dexterity® Latex Coated Knit Gloves with Punkban™ are ANSI Cut Level A5 Rated at 2200-2999 grams to cut and ANSI Puncture Level 5 Rated. These ergonomic string knit gloves with a high-viz lime green puncture-resistant latex coating provide ASTM F2878 6.73 newtons of puncture protection (hypodermic needle). The heavy wrinkle textured coating delivers excellent wet/dry grip with awesome comfort and dexterity.
  • Clutch Gear® Hi-Viz Mechanics Punkban Gloves are ANSI Cut Level A3 at 1000-1499 to cut and ANSI Puncture Level 4 rated. They feature PVC Sure Grip® reinforced palms and fingertips and stretch nylon backs for flexibility.
  • Punkban™ Sleeves provide excellent forearm coverage and offer heavy duty protection against multiple workplace puncture and cut threats. They feature spandex wrist with a thumb hole to keep sleeve in place and adjustable Velcro® closure for a superb fit. These sleeves are ANSI Level 4 Puncture Rated and ANSI Cut Level A4 Rated.  The fluorescent green color increases visibility in the workplace to keep workers safer.

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*Please note: there is no European standard for needle resistance. Current Industry practice is to utilize the American Standard ASTM F2878 as a guide, and to allow comparisons between different products. These products are not needle proof. Your own risk assessment therefore needs to be undertaken to decide the suitability of this product.