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PIP® | Summer Heat Prevention SuppliesBeat the Heat with PIP Cooling Products

If you're looking for a way to battle the heat out on the job this summer, look no further. PIP® has geniously designed a line of industrial products ideal for a multitude of uses in hot environments to help keep you hydrated and cool. Worry less about heat stress with all that PIP® has to offer and focus on the benefits of keeping productivity on the job high. Staying hydrated and using these cooling products will keep you cool all summer long.

+ EZ-Cool® Towels & Pads 

  • Cooling Towels:  The natural evaporation of these towels provides a cooling sensation to provide you comfort in warm environments. Simply activate your towel with a small amount of water and the amazing new fabric feels cooler than the temperature around you. Depending on conditions, extended cooling can last from 1 to 7 days! Beat heat stress with cooling comfort. Conveniently packaged in retail ready storage container -  Buy Here
  • Hard Hat Cooling Pads:  Protective equipment is a must for many jobs, and that doesn't change with the weather. Hard hat cooling pads are ideal for protection from high heat stress, both indoors and out, in industries such as construction where headgear is required. Each pad secures easily into your hard hat with a hook and loop closure, and its cooling properties can be reactivated for the life of the product - which can last multiple seasons if cared for properly. Check Them Out HERE!

+ High-Visibility Safety Options

  • Cooling Safety Vests:  In addition to the neck shade, PIP® also offers a safety vest designed to keep workers visible, cool and comfortable in hot working environments. Cooling properties can be reactivated for the life of the product and may be used over and over again. Simply soak in water and wring, 1-2 minute fast activation! Get Yours HERE Today
  • Cooling Neck Shades: Keep your neck cool all while protecting it from the sun with this comfortable neck shade. The unique material cools, absorbs, stores and releases water within a multi-layered fabric to refresh you for hours on end. Hi-vis color adds extra safety for environments where visibility is critical, such as construction or mining sites. Provides 5-10 hours of cooling relief! Buy Some HERE

 *Product Highlight*

Flash Mesh Cooling Bandanas

Feeling rundown? Feeling the summer heat? Feeling...patriotic? These cooling bandanas, available in red, white and blue stars and stripes, are a great option for those who aren't required to wear protective headgear but are still susceptible to heat stress or dehydration. They're also perfect to stay cool at 4th of July barbeques while looking stylish. The outer fabric will dry quickly while the internal cooling fabric holds moisture and will remain cool for up to 8 hours.  The cooling function of the bandana can be reactivated for the life of the product, meaning you get to use it over and over again! Also available in khaki and navy -  Click HERE To Get Your Own!

To learn more about all the outdoor safety and heat protection products, visit OUR ARTICLE HERE

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