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Stop Rusting Away Money!

TranSorb® Strips are Your Partner in Product Protection & PerservationTranSorb® Moisture Absorber Strips

Tinplated cans have distinct packaging advantages – they are strong, available in various sizes, affordable, nestable and easily recycled but they are unfortunately susceptible to rust.

Grocery stores, home improvement chains and large box retailers all have one thing in common-they won’t sell consumer goods such as paint, fuel, coffee, stain, fruit or vegetables when rust is present anywhere on the can. This is good news for consumers but bad news for suppliers like PPG Paint, Benjamin Moore, Campbells, Del Monte or Dole® Foods that typically incorporate steel packaging such as tinplated cans.

Consumer goods are packaged in corragated fiberboard cartons, shrink wrapped and then loaded inside cargo shipping containers or truck trailers where they are exposed to the elements and left unchecked for extended periods.

As these products travel along the distribution chain, they're subjected to fluctuations in temperatures and humidity levels that results in condensation, referred to as cargo sweat. And, if there is one thing rust or mold absolutely love - it's moisture!

Prevent "Cargo Rain"!  Patented Transorb® High-Humidity Absorber Strips Keep Products Fresh for 60+ Days*. Proudly Made & Distributed in Buffalo NY USA!


Rusted or oxidized packaging translates to damaged product, money lost and great pressures on quality control. If you are seeking a powerful desiccant to protect and preserve sealed product(s) during shipping and storage, then check out these patented non-leaking Transorb® Moisture Absorber Strip Packs.

Constructed with a heat-sealed medical-grade Tyvek® and polyethylene film, these 196 gram premium 7-in x 11-in Transorb® pouches are filled with a proprietary formulation of moisture absorbing vermiculite and calcium chloride that induces or sustains a state of dryness in any environment inside its sealed vicinity. TranSorb® high-performing humidifier strips are selected to lower dew points and maintain ideal relative humidity so sealed areas remain dry and products fresh.

Perfected for use in:

  • Oceanic Shipping Containers
  • Truck Trailers
  • Yacht/Cruiser/RV/Bus Cabins
  • Storage Trailers
  • Storage Sheds

Packaged in a three strip format, they can be easily hung throughout the treatment area or placed along the floor. They're designed to attract, capture and convert airborne moisture into non-toxic, non-caustic dry crystals that won't leach, drip or leak when capacity is reached. Currently offered in nets, they will be available with an innovative plastic clip and hook hanging system. One carton will effectively treat one 20-foot shipping container, trailer or shed.

Easy, effective and affordable, TranSorb® is scientifically proven reliable. Contact us for technical inquires, volume discounts, to place an order or for private labeling information today.

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*Depending on humidity levels

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