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Vending Solutions for Work Gloves

Reduce Waste & Increase Compliance

Providing staff with PPE to reduce the risk of occupational injury or harm is an essential safety requirement for many facilities and a legal requirement for employers.  Depending on the type of work and number of employees involved, issuing and monitoring protective equipment can become a complicated area to control, sometimes allowing costs to escalate unnecessarily. Industrial Work Gloves

For some employees, grabbing an "extra pair" for home doesn't cause any real harm, but in reality, this is considered pilferage, and pilferage costs companies big money.  Among the most commonly abused PPE items are safety work gloves. 

It seems like every home owner and outdoor enthusiast has industrial work gloves, but how many actually paid for those fifty dollar mechanics gloves or for those hundred dollar search and  rescue winter mitts?  For many employees, an extra pair of work gloves means no harm, but there have been instances of incomes being subsidized on stolen work gloves.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) vending machines provide the means of addressing a number of Health and Safety challenges faced by companies and their managers. They regulate and monitor inventory, and ultimately reduce corporate stealing. Many companies have sought these machines for the benefits of making gloves available through on-site vending machines, but soon find out that there are only a limited-number of work safety gloves available in vend ready packs.

Vend-Ready Gloves - High-Quality. Wide Variety. Low Unit Cost!

MDS Now Offers Specially Packaged, Innovative Work Safety Gloves Made Exclusively for Your Industrial PPE Vending Machines. Call MDS with Your Preferred Style!

MDS is proud to now offer a unique selection of Vend-Ready gloves from Superior Glove®. In the business since 1910, Superior Glove® is North America's leading manufacturers and suppliers of innovative work gloves. Now all of their best-selling styles are available in a convenient shrink-wrap or poly-bagged vend pack for your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) vending machines in the industrial workplace.  

+Poly-Bagged Packaging: consists of assembling and gathering gloves to insert them into plastic bags of various sizes while allowing merchandise protection. Poly-bagging packaging is certified biodegradable. Each poly bag package comes with an air hole for easier loading and packing of machines and cases. Each package is clearly identified with part number and size.

+Shrink-Wrap Packaging: consists of clear plastic packaging that shrinks with hot air to the shape of the gloves. Its purpose is to support and solidify the packages and the bundles.

We can provide a complete vending solution for managing and distributing stock of safety gloves. Shop mdsassociates.com and contact them today with your favorite work glove style and your preferred dispensing packaging.  

All vend packed products are sold per case only. Case quantities will vary depending on which style glove is chosen. Please contact MDS for more details or for price quotes today!  Allow 2 weeks lead time when ordering.

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