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Meet the Whizard® KnifeHandler®

ANSI Cut Level A9 Extreme Hand Protection Is Perfect for Food & Cannabis Processing

Wells Lamont Whizard® KnifeHandler® A9 Extreme Cut Glove (Made in USA)The distinct flavor profiles of delicious leafy greens such as watercress, spinach, arugula, cabbage, lettuce and ong choy enjoy culinary and ethnic followings to retail, wholesale, food service and specialty restaurants all across the country. For the folks that grow these crops, successful and efficient harvesting, packing and processing operations all depend on one thing –  safe working hands.

Typically hand harvested, leafy greens or salad greens are cut and trimmed using a sharp cutting instrument  such as a knife, cleaver or similar type device while in the field. The last thing anyone can afford is a serious hand laceration that can compromise food safety and worker productivity. A vacant employee during processing can be costly in terms of workers compensation, insurance and productivity which is highly time sensitive.

Typically used to grip or steady structures, the non-dominant hand often crosses into the danger zones putting valued hands and fingers at risk to injury. Lacerations can range in severity from a small cut to the amputation of fingers and can occur anywhere, anytime accounting for roughly 63% of workplace injuries and sending over one million operators to the emergency room a year. It’s highly recommended that operators wear high level ANSI rated cut-resistant hand protection on the non-dominant hand during the harvesting process.

If you handle sharp surfaces, clean deli slicers or work in food preparation, meat, beef, leafy greens, seafood, poultry or cannabis processing then you’re susceptible to cuts and slashes. You can protect American workers with a popular American made, CFR 21 food approved extreme cut-resistant glove from Wells Lamont Industrial!


Proudly made in the USA, the KnifeHandler® 7-gauge white string knitted glove utilizes Wells Lamont’s patented Whizard® cut-resistant technology which is renowned for its technically superior patented cut-resistant fiber capabilities and is considered the number one cut-resistant glove product on the market.

Whizard® Knifehandler’s single-end yarn construction offers the highest ratio of cut protection to thickness available and provides a great grip when working with leafy greens. This unique patented combination of ultra-high strength fibers and stainless steel provides heavy duty ANSI level A9 extreme cut protection from lacerations while maintaining softness and dexterity. Knifehandler® gloves have excellent thermal properties that keep hands warm and comfortable. Highly “breathable" the fabric also increases air circulation to reduce perspiration, keeping operators comfortable throughout the shift.

  • Patented proprietary yarn combination of high-performance fibers and stainless steel
  • CFR 21 – approved for food contact
  • Ambidextrous
  • ANSI cut level A9 rating
  • Gauge 7
  • Prewashed, preshrunk
  • 3-inch cuff with color-coded hems
  • Washable
  • Latex-free

Wells Lamont began manufacturing leather gloves in 1907 and continues to be a leader in today’s protective glove industry.  Their organization is dedicated to providing superior quality, innovative engineering, and responsive service to customers in markets that include oil & gas, automotive, foodservice, meat processing, steel, pulp and paper, metalworking, medical, laboratories, cleanrooms and general industry.

They're the only glove manufacturer in the U.S. to upwind their own yarns and knit them into cut-resistant work gloves. Coupled with a team of factory direct safety experts that work directly with customers to solve unique challenges, Well Lamont Industrial provides leading global hand protection solutions that help users eliminate injuries, lower costs, increase productivity and much more.

The Whizard® KnifeHandler® string knitted glove can be worn alone or it can be implemented to boast cut-resistance when worn as a glove liner under a disposable glove or general duty work glove. Snip, clip, cut or trim with ease. Wow your team with this extreme cut glove and elevate compliance. All you need to do now is tap the link below and ...

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