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Effective Spill Control For Small, Tight or Flat Areas!

Absorb & Contain Biohazard Fluids with Zorb Sheets

Self-Dissolving Solidifier Sheets for Medical Fluid Containment & Transport

When specimens are collected, they are specially packaged in medical shipping containers or bio-specimen bags that are then transported to specialized labs for further analysis and testing. Along the journey to the testing center, the parcel is subject to destructive forces that could jeopardize the shipping container and result in spillage or leakage. Containing biohazardous fluids is key to infection control and prevention of  furthZorb Medical Liquid Absorber Sheetser contamination.

Zorb  Medical Liquid Absorber Sheets from Safetec® help reduce handling, shipping and compliance risks of dianostic specimens, infectious substances and dangerous goods.

Zorb Sheets are commonly used for lining medical red bags, test kits, test tubes, vials, specimen shipping containers, animal crates, lab trays, sharps containers for protection of package during transport and for safe compliant packaging.

Helps comply with DOT, CDC, OSHA, IATA, ICAO, US Postal Service, and United Nation Regulations.

Water-Soluble Sheets 

The super absorbent, lightweight, versatile and space-saving Zorb Absorber Sheets feature tissue-based material infused with superabsorbent polymers that's designed to quickly absorb and encapsulate fluids should a breach occur turning fluids into a semi-solid gel like substance.

Zorb Sheets are ideal for research, covid-19 testing, clinics, crime scene investigation, mail-back sharp collection services, mortuary, shipping facilities (packaging regulations), tatto shops (ink containers), doctors' offices, nursing homes, military specimen shipping, hospitals, schools and laboratories.

Zorb Sheets quickly absorbs a wide range of aqueous solutions for efficiently containing spills. The absorbent sheets offer effective fluid control in almost any size or shape container or bag and is ideal for areas where space is at a premium. Safetec's Zorb Sheets meets D.O.T. regulations to contain bio fluids during transportation and quickly absorbs up to 300 times its own weight. Zorb Sheets offer the ideal solution for the shipping, storing and handling of aqueous solutions, dilute alkalis, biohazardous fluids, toxic solutions, urine specimens and radioactive solutions which must be contained.

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Variety of Absorbent Medical Liquid  Sheets

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Where to use medical liquid absorbent sheets 

  • Test Kits
  • Lab Trays, Glassware
  • Medical Specimens
  • Medical Red/Collection Bags
  • Triple Packaging Systems
  • Specimen Shipping Containers
  • Sharps Collectors
  • Protection of Package During Transport
  • Kick Buckets
  • Cadaver bags/Shroud Kits
  • Covid testing

Benefits of medical liquid absorbent sheets

  • Specially formulated fiber-based paper activates in the presence of fluids to quickly immobilize them.
  • Solidified material is easily contained by an outer vessel, shipping container, or other such device, resulting in safer handling.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes with customized sizes available for specific needs
  • Conforms to any shape & size container
  •  Meets DOT Regulations
  •  Safe Compliant Packaging

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