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Blush® Pink Nitrile Examination Gloves (Latex-Free)

Aurelia® Blush® Pink Nitrile Exam Gloves

Portions of Purchase Fund the Fight Against Cancer

The most critical goal should always be to provide a safe environment for both providers and patients in healthcare. Because of the inherent risk of infection when working with bodily fluids, it is of the utmost importance to maintain safety protocol and prevent cross contamination in the presence of pathogens.

Disposable nitrile exam gloves prevent the spread of infection and are required when working in the presence of bodily fluids. Examination gloves provide an important first line barrier against infectious agents and it is required that only medical-grade examination gloves be used in the presence of blood, saliva, urine, feces, etc. Single-use nitrile examination gloves are manufactured to a stringent set of FDA standards designed to prevent quality issues such as tensile strength, breakthrough time, pinholes and ripping, all of which could expose an individual to infectious diseases such as Hepatitis C and HIV.

For many years, Aurelia® has manufactured a complete line of medical-grade FDA approved latex and non-latex nitrile examination gloves to the dental and healthcare markets with great success. Recently, they have launched Blush® Nitrile Medical Exam Gloves designed for professionals who wear gloves every day.

Blush® | Glove Product Features

Blush® Nitrile Powder-Free Exam Gloves are Aurelia's thinnest manufactured glove, but at 2.5-mil, they offer the strength and comfort with the tactile sensitivity many never experienced before. Blush nitrile gloves have a beaded cuff and full textured fingers that provide wearers with wet/dry gripping power and are packed in 200-count dispenser boxes.  Blush Nitrile Exam Gloves are made in a unique pink color tone and a popular choice for cancer awareness. They add a splash of color that brightens rooms and are ideal for color-coding departments, assembly lines or staff.


Blush® Pink Nitrile Exam Gloves are ideal for dental offices, cancer treatment centers, tattoo, spas, hair salons, dialysis and more.

Size                       Item Number      Quantity

Extra Small          78885                   200

Small                   78886                  200

Medium               78887                   200

Large                   78888                  200

Packaged: 200 per dispenser box, 10 boxes per carton

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