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Got Dirty Nails?

Improper hand hygiene can lead to the spread of infection and contamination and there’s one hot spot that breeds pure nastiness.  Acting like ten catch-traps, fingernails and the fingertips can easily hoard and transport icky gunk such as bacteria, funDirty Nails Harbor Bacteriagus and yeast.

Dirty skin, nails and the risk of cross-contamination or transmission are the reasons surgical personal, nurses, lab technicians, food processors and cleanroom operators scrub clean their arms, hands and nails before tasks (and many times afterwards as well). During this pre-operative process, the greatest scrubbing attention is often given to the fingernail and cuticle region.

For construction workers, land scapers et al., commercial painters, farmers, food processors, commercial fishermen, butchers, chefs or mechanics, dirty, soiled hands and caked fingernails come with the job.  Seemingly always dirty, these workers typically scrub their hands and nails before eating and heavily again at the end of their shift.

Common among women who wear artificial nails are certain bacterial organisms such as Pseudomonas.  Pseudomonas is attracted to the nail and surrounding nail folds. and produces a green pigment that nail technicians or nail salons refer to as “the greenies".  

Not only do artificial nails carry a higher risk for trapping pseudomonas because of their longer length, but they also have crevices that can be perfect breeding grounds for bacterial infections.


Proper and regular cleaning is critical for good health and sanitary conditions. The CDC suggests fingernails be kept short, and the undersides should be cleaned frequently with soap and water. Because of their length, the longer fingernails often harbor more dirt and bacteria than short nails, thus potentially contributing to the spread of infection. While soap is great for cleansing, it is not enough to clean embedded materials under the nails.

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Used in conjunction with water and soap, manicure or fingernail scrub brushes are an easy way to prevent the spread of germs and nail infections. They effectively clean beneath the nails and remove stubborn dirt, stain, paint, grease easier and faster.  The firm, yet soft bristles gently flex to clean the contours of the hand and nail areas. The scrubbing action from a scrub type brushes produces a heavier lather for better coverage.  

The Dynarex®  2-1/2-inch manicure brushes are compact and designed with a plastic U-like grip handle that enables individuals to securely hold the brush during deep cleanings. These +manicure brushes are effective, affordable and very versatile.

These +ValBran Deluxe Hand and Nail Scrub Brushes feature a short center row of black nylon fibers to scrub under nails while longer outer rows clean fingers and hands. Ergonomic, plastic block has a large hang hole for easy storage. Stiffer black center (3/8") trim for fingernails and white outer (3/4") trim nylon bristles for fingers. White block. Impressive  5" x 2-1/4" size.


For the safe and hygienic trimming of nails, try these nail clippers. Sharp, comfortable and maneuverable to use, our squeeze lever +fingernail clippers and +toenail clippers provide a precise trim without leaving behind jagged edges. Made of high quality stainless steel, they feature an integrated nail file and cleaner. They are ideal for long term care facilities, rehab centers, hosptials, nursing homes, nail salons, spas and even to trim fishing line. When done trimming, simply turn out and twist over the squeeze lever to bring to a close and compact position. Their portable size makes it easy to pack them in your purse, tote or pocket!


+Emery Boards are typically used for shaping and grinding down the edge of the nails after trimming while +manicure sticks are used to gently push back the cuticles and deep clean under the nails. These manicure sticks measure 4.5" in length and feature a dual design with a flat end for pushing back cuticles and a pointed end for cleaning under and around the nail. Both are great tools for industrial and art applications.

Keep the hands clean and the nails cleaner! For best results always replace these items regularly. We offer a vast selection of personal hygiene and patient care items...all you need to do is hit the button and ...

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