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Orange Heavy-Duty Disposable Industrial Nitrile Gloves

100% Latex-Free | Powder-Free

Mechanics, technicians and many operators who work with oil, grease and chemicals are required to wear disposable gloves to keep their hands clean and protected. Unfortunately industrial liquids and chemicals makeAmmex® GloveWorks® HD Orange Nitrile Gloves gripping utensils, small parts and instruments very slippery and can degrade the barrier properties of the glove. Industrial disposable nitrile gloves are also at risk to snags on parts, machines and tools. When it is comes to disposable nitrile gloves, textured surfaces and glove thicknesses become of increasing importance to the wearer.

Gloveworks Heavy Duty Nitrile Gloves | Features

Gloveworks Heavy Duty Nitrile Gloves are made for the tough working environments where extra grip and thickness matter. Use in industrial settings where breakthrough times and tensile strength are demanded most. Chlorinated to reduce contaminates and a polymer coating makes the glove easy to slide on.

This glove features excellent chemical resistance from common chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides, or specialty chemicals like iodine, brake fluid, oil, grease or butane. They are powder free to reduce particles. Industrial nitrile gloves are ideal for working with sticky adhesives, wood stains or wet paint so that no residue from your gloves can get in the way of a perfect finish.

Ammex® GloveWorks® HD Orange Nitrile GlovesAmazing Raised Texture

An extra deep, pronounced diamond texture covers the fingers and palm and acts like suction cups when gripping items in dry, slippery or wet environments.  This unique texture provides operators with a better sense of security and less on-the job injury accidents.

Heavy-Duty | Extra Thick

At 10-mils thick, 1-pair of Gloveworks HD Orange Nitrile Gloves it is like wearing 2-3 pairs of typical disposable nitrile gloves. They offer longevity, strength and comfort with tactile sensitivity.  This extra thickness reduces snag-related rips and punctures when working around sharp items.

Bright, Visible Orange Color | A Call for Safety

A bold, high visibility orange color stands out and enhances safety and focus. Perfect for color-coding departments, assembly lines or staff/personnel. Use orange gloves to provide safety cues throughout the workday.

Ideal for Janitorial, Painting, Plumbing, Industrial, Automotive, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Food Processing

Packaging: 100 gloves per box, 10 boxes per carton

Product Codes:

  • GWON44100 Medium
  • GWON46100 Large
  • GWON48100 Extra Large
  • GWON49100 Extra Extra Large 


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