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Reduce Food Contamination Liabilities with  Metal Detectable Nitrile Gloves

The last thing anyone expects as they bite into a Vinyl Food Glovesfood product is to chew on or digest a bloody bandage, earplug or a dirty glove. Despite screening processes, foreign matter in food is unfortunately a common occurrence.  

The accidental presence of foreign objects can be very harmful, impacting everyone involved in the process from production to consumers. Contamination causes costly recalls, lawsuits, health hazards, choking and causes consumers to lose confidence in the brand.

Believe it or not, the most likely foreign object to accidentally appear in food products are torn pieces of disposable gloves. Commonly worn by food production workers and supervisors, single-use gloves are an essential part of workplace safety. They help maintain a hygienic and more efficient work environment but they’re made of lightweight materials and consequently prone to tearing.

Working With Screening Technologies

Metal detectable products such as bandages, gauze sponges and ear plugs were developed for food manufacturers, processors and producers as a solution to reducing unwanted foreign objects in food products. Metal detectable disposable gloves were the next logical step.

Single-Use Latex Gloves

Latex gloves are highly elastic and tactile but easily tear. Torn pieces of latex gloves are hard to visually detect because of their natural color. They also have proteins known to cause severe allergic reactions in some individuals and are often bypassed if the latex glove will be in contact with a consumable food surfaces. 

Single-Use Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl gloves are common in food handling processes. Latex-free, they’re much stronger than latex, provide decent tactility and are available in colors. Selected by quality control for visual product inspection purposes, colored gloves are selected to contrast food materials (and color-code production lines) making visual inspections easier. Vinyl gloves are also very loose fitting and unfortunately prove to slipping off the hand.

Unfortunately, visual inspections are not enough to spot small pieces of latex or vinyl materials and often go undetected. If you are looking for a better solution, than you should check out these disposable gloves!

FDA Compliant KeepKleen® Metal Detectable Nitrile Gloves 

Superior Glove® KeepKleen® Metal Detectable Disposable Black Nitrile GlovesThe latest breakthrough from Superior Glove®, KeepKleen® is the very first of its kind, combining the benefits of a single-use nitrile glove (strength, tear resistance, tactility) with the properties of a metal-detectable glove.

How These Metal-Detectable Nitrile Gloves Work

Added to the KeepKleen® metal-detectable glove is a small amount of detectable powder added to the glove itself. It allows any foreign pieces to be discovered by metal detectors if they happen to fall into food products or production lines.

Testing conducted showed that the standard model of the metal detectors used in the industry were able to easily identify errant pieces of glove, although the sensitivity of some models may need to be adjusted or re-calibrated to perform the same function.

These durable nitrile gloves feature a micro textured grip ideal for both wet or dry tasks and a black color that really stands out among most food materials. Much stronger than latex and vinyl, they are touch sensitive and latex-free.

Of course, while some foreign objects can be more difficult to detect than others, the regular use of metal-detectable gloves in the food processing industry can help to eliminate preventable risks, while putting consumer and worker safety at the forefront. Try a case of these for yourself...

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