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Fight Moisture Damages with NatraSorb® Indicating Silica Gel

NatraSorb® Bulk Indicating Silica Gel (30-lb)Protect Against the Threats We Can't See – Control Mold, Mildew & Rust

When it comes to product quality, excess moisture is considered the root of all evil.  Water vapor is generally invisible to the human eye and left unregulated, it can be very destructive to items such as electronics, medicines, spices, coffee, flour, tools, artifacts/documents, equipment, clothing, food, automobile interiors and marine cabins, RV cabins and more.

A particular danger to delicate items, foods or fabrics regardless of the operating humidity range is condensation, referred to as The Sweats. Condensation occurs when a sealed item or area is subjected to fluctuations in extreme temperatures and it could coat surface areas that leads to:

  • Short circuits in electronics
  • The growth of mold or mildew
  • Corrosion and rust on metals
  • Spoiled food items
  • Peeling and warping
  • Deteriorated packaging
  • Clumped or caked powders
  • Chemical degradation


To offset moisture related damages and prolong product longevity and quality, many factories and businesses are incorporating desiccants inside their products and packaging.  A desiccant is a hygroscopic substance that induces or sustains a state of dryness (desiccation) in any environment inside its sealed vicinity.  They are commonly encountered as a heat-sealed packet in the pharmaceutical, electronics, food and clothing industries during shipping and storage.

If you seek an easy and flexible moisture adsorber or dehumidifier to treat large areas or have a unique dispensing application, then consider NatraSorb® Indicating Silica Gel Beads from Multisorb®

Carefully formulated and closely managed during manufacturing, NatraSorb’s beads feature a network of microscopic pores that has an insatiable thirst for moisture and is capable of adsorbing greater than 30% of its weight at a relative humidity (RH) of 60% or above. In fact, one pound of NatraSorb® silica gel has a surface area of more than 3,000,000 ft² (265,000 m²), giving it the ability to adsorb substantial quantities of vapor from air or gas environments, even at very low temperatures.  There are no chemical reactions or byproducts that result from the adsorption process, even when saturated, the gel stays free-flowing and dry.

Built-in Color Indicator Magically Signals Desiccant Cycle is Complete!

Natasorb® Indicating Silica Gel from Multisorb® is actually white non-indicating silica gel which is impregnated with cobalt chloride and as moisture is adsorbed (silica gel collects moisture on the surface) it changes color from blue to purple to pink. The color change is pronounced and clearly visible making it easy to know when the cycle is complete. This is valuable when it is necessary to know with certainty that dryness is being maintained and to signal when the drying agent should be replaced or recharged.

Saturated NatraSorb® blue indicating silica gel can be easily regenerated in a 300° F (150° C) vented oven for 3 hours or more (depending on size), until the blue color returns. It may be regenerated repeatedly without degradation.

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Don't Sweat it! NatraSorb® is ideal for residential, retail or industrial applications. This blue silica gel can be used in many applications where visual control of moisture is required, such as in compressed air dryers, breathers, gas dryers, libraries/museums, transformers and for protection of non‐consumable packaged goods, as well as drying and storing flowers and seeds but should not be used in direct contact with products intended for consumption, such as food or pharmaceuticals.

Bulk dispensed in air tight 5-gallon steel pails holding 30-lbs, it allows individuals the flexibility to custom fill containers, filters, tubes, pouches, cartridges, buckets and more to effectively regulate excess moisture and reduce mold, mildew, rust and odor.  

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