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Latex-Free Gloves to Mask Surface Agents While Portraying Professionalism

NitroMax 5-mil Black Nitrile Exam Gloves Are Perfect For Law Enforcement, EMS, Tatoo, Body Piercing, Spas, Salons, Secuirty & More!

Black Latex-Free Nitrile Exam Gloves Used During TattooingThe most critical goal for tattoo parlors should always be to provide a safe environment for both employees and clients. Because of the inherent risk of infection from the tattooing process, it is very important to maintain health and safety protocol.

The need for disposable hand protection can arise in almost any workplace, no matter risk or the environment. From cleaning to food preparation, to working alongside chemicals and other hazardous materials, single-use gloves not only protect workers from potentially harmful materials, but can also protect the people, products and materials from contamination by the worker themselves.


Single-use gloves are beneficial when it comes to protecting the skin against chemicals, contamination or preventing transmission within the healthcare professions as well as law enforcement, food handling, cosmetology and especially so within the tattoo industry. In some instances, gloves can also make the working environment more comfortable for workers and third parties. This is where disposable black nitrile gloves are particularly useful.

The tattoo process often creates a large amount blood and for many clients, the sight of blood creates uneasiness. Light colored gloves magnify blood but black colored nitrile exam gloves help mask blood, putting the client more at ease.

Tattoo artists, food service personnel, cosmetologists, automotive technicians wear black gloves to hide surface agents such as stains, inks, grease, dirt as the color black allows workers in the dirtiest jobs to maintain their professionalism with the appearance of cleanliness. Growers, harvesters and gardeners prefer black colored gloves for their ability to contrast  foilage.

Another advantage to the color black is that it provides artists with enhanced lighting advantages during stenciling. The color black reduces the amount of glare that reaches the eyes thanks to the fact that the color black absorbs most light frequencies. In theory, excessive light from sources in our peripheral vision will be absorbed by the black color, increasing the contrast of the objects we're are looking at and focusing on directly. This concept is very similar to 'Eye Black' worn by athletes during bright light events. The result for the artist will be fresher eyes and drawings with great detail.

 Emerald Personal Protection Products NitroMax Black Nitrile Exam Gloves STANDARDS

Emerald's NitroMax Black non-sterile nitrile exam gloves are specially designed for professionals who require FDA approved hand protection during patient exams, transports, treatments and when exposed to bodily fluids. These Emerald brand disposable ntirile examination gloves meet or exceed all current FDA 510(k) standards as Class 1 Medical Device. In addition, their components are in compliance with the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act provisions which allow their repeated use in direct contact with food. Lastly, NitroMax Black Nitrile Gloves are tested and FDA approved for chemo and fatal toxins per ASTM D6978-05 standards.

This latex-free ambidextrous NitroMax Black Glove features a pronounced textured surface for a powerful grip dry or wet. NitriMax Black Nitrile gloves feature an advanced processing technology referred to soft-stretch modulus. Soft-stretch enables professionals to have greater sensitivity or tactility feedback making this single-use glove ideal for professionals handling tools, administering medical care or manipulating instruments. Made in a popular 5-mil thickness, they provide a balance between durability and tactility.

Black nitrile gloves are a popular choice for those in the tattooing, printing, painting, plumbing, automotive, food service, gardening, security, piercing, emergency medical services and manufacturing fields. Portray professionalism, mask surface agents and protect against infection. Just click the link and ...

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