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PIP® Advanced Glove Yarns, Fibers & Palm CoatingsG-Tek PolyKor Cut-Resistant Gloved Hand holding a box cutter

Protective Industrial Products, or PIP®, as they have become to be known, is a US-based company and global supplier of innovative industrial safety products and global leader in hand protection.

As a licensee of both Dyneema® and DuPont® advanced fibers, PIP® offers advanced proprietary engineered yarn blends and cut-resistant fibers with different glove palm coating options, but deciding which style seamless knit cut protection gloves to select can be confusing.

Assuming you have determined which ANSI Cut Level you need, below is a guide to help you understand the differences so you can make the appropriate glove selection for the job task.

PIP® Advanced Cut-Resistant Fiber & Yarn Technologies

  • G-Tek® PolyKor™ engineered yarns optimize performance, function, and protection using proprietary blends of select fibers to exceed industry standards. The ultimate objective is affordable cut-resistant gloves for practically every application.
  • G-Tek® PolyKor™ Xrystal™ is an engineered yarn that represents the next generation in cut protection and comfort. PolyKor™ Xrystal™ is the latest iteration of PolyKor in which it is combined with naturally hardened crystallized minerals. The result is a super tough, durable, cut-resistant fiber that is at the apex of performance. These mineral based fibers have a similar chemical composition to glass but are inherently better in terms of strength, heat and oxidation resistance as well as compression and shear.
  • G-Tek® Suprene™ is a bold new world of graphene-based fibers.  The latest breakthrough in nanofabrication has resulted in Suprene™ - an affordable fiber with unparalleled strength and physical properties. Similar to graphite, graphene is remarkably strong for its weight - being 100 times stronger than steel, it outperforms any other material. 
  • G-Tek® Kev™ takes the power of Dupont™ Kevlar® and combines it with proprietary core technology for maximum cut strength and protection in light heat applications.
  • G-Tek® 3GX® embedded micro-particles strengthen fibers by up to two times, for higher cut scores. 3GX® offers cool touch comfort and lightweight for improved productivity.
  • MaxiFlex® Cut™ gloves synergize proprietary yarns with advanced glove design - applying coatings, technologies and processes that are above-and-beyond when compared to conventional coatings and manufacturing processes. The result is the ultimate in comfort and durability.
  • ATG® designs, develops and manufacturers gloves with enhanced performance. ATG® gloves are skin friendly, extremely comfortable and highly durable.  ATG® utilizes Dupont™ Kevlar® for strength and light heat protection and Dyneema® Diamond super thin liners for unprecedented strength-to-weight ratio.

PIP® Glove Grip Coating BasicsPIP Maxiflex Cut Safety Gloves

A glove coating is crucial in preventing potential injuries as it prevents razor sharp objects from slipping and contacting the hands or arms. Polymer coatings offer some degree of extra protection however they will slice easily with razor sharp blades and cannot be relied on for boosting cut protection.
Thicker, tougher materials such as latex and nitrile offer added protection when handling heavier objects with rough edges or burrs.
  • Microsurface® Nitrile Coating: is thin with maximum dexterity, nitrile is filled with thousands of tiny suction cups to disperse fluids away from object to allow for clean contact. It provides fair breathability and fair dry grip and good grip with wet/oily surfaces. Microsurface offers medium durability with minimal liquid penetration protection.
  • Micro-Foam Nitrile Coating: is thin and provides good dry grip but superior grip with wet/oily surfaces. Micro-Foam provides maximum 360° breathability, high durability with some liquid penetration protection. This coating is designed to channel liquids to allow for better handling.
  • Foam Nitrile Coating: is flexible and provides good dry grip and a fair grip with wet/oily surfaces. Foam is slightly breathable but highly durable and provides some liquid penetration protection. This coating is designed to channel liquids to allow for better handling.
  • Neofoam™ Co-Polymer Coating:  is highly flexible, it provides good grip with dry or wet/oily surfaces and offers good breathability. Highly durable, Neofoam provides some liquid penetration protection.
  • Crinkle Latex Coating: is highly flexible and it provides excellent dry grip and is good with wet/oily surfaces. It is not breathable and it has no liquid penetration protection but is highly durable thanks to its thickness. This coating is designed to channel liquids to allow for better handling.
  • Flat/Smooth Nitrile: is thin, highly tactile and provides excellent dry grip but poor grip with oily/wet surfaces. It is not breathable, offers no liquid penetration protection and average durability.
  • Flat/Smooth Polyurethane: is thin, highly tactile and provides good dry grip and is good with wet/oily surfaces.  It is fairly breathable but low on durability has some liquid penetration protection.

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