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ATG® | Intelligent Glove SolutionsIntelligent Glove Solutions Through Innovative Technologies

In today’s world, technologies are developing faster than ever and at a pace so rapid, it challenges all industrial processes. To retain a leading edge in innovation, companies are subjected to new and improved production processes and machinery that workers need to adapt to.

These elements put production workers in an environment that exposes them to factors that may affect their personal safety and comfort. This is where ATG®, a global technology leader, can lend a hand.

In a relentless search for innovation and excellence, ATG® gathers unique insights and expertise to create intelligent glove solutions. Every ATG® glove has been conceived to help the workforce perform their best in the safest and most comfortable environment.

Focused on innovation and quality, ATG® in partnership with Protective Industrial products (PIP®), designs, develops and manufactures gloves that enhance the performance of the most sophisticated work tool, the hand.

ATG® is a traditional manufacturer that uses the very latest technologies to deliver world class leading work gloves. They take a hands on approach and put themselves in their customers shoes asking a series of questions that when answered, carry out extensive research and analysis. This process allows ATG® to obtain insights that allow them to find innovative concepts and technologies designed to deliver customer satisfaction, challenge convention and grow their business.     

What Makes ATG® Gloves Different?

ATG®’s technology platforms are continuously developed by a core team that matches market research and marketing analysis with the latest technological developments. This forms the foundation upon which ATG® continually improves the customer’s experience through constant innovation. They understand the complexity of choosing and implementing a hand protection program that’s comfortable to wear, reduces injuries and related costs while improving worker efficiency. Some of ATG’s technology platforms include:

  • AIRtech®: 360 breathability for cooler and more productive hands
  • ERGOtech®: 25% thinner than most foam nitrile gloves, twice the durability and form, fit and feel that mimics the “hand at rest”
  • CUTtech®: innovative fibers and thumb reinforcements
  • GRIPtech®: optimized grip, reduced hand fatigue
  • LIQUItech®: high grade chemical and liquid resistance

To stay at the forefront in the latest developments in innovations and scientific breakthroughs, ATG®’s team actively collaborates with leading universities, specialized industries and industry experts. They also listen to the customer, define the needs of the user and finally, integrate the latest technological breakthroughs to configure and design the functions of the glove using the features developed within their technological platforms.   This allows them to design and develop gloves that perfectly match the needs of the customer with a new ideal glove experience for the situation.

At ATG®, there is one thing they never compromise and it’s quality. To make sure nothing is overlooked, they operate a zero outsourcing policy and exercise 100% control and strictly monitor each step of manufacturing process. They source all raw materials, upwind yarns, knit the glove liners, coat them and wash the gloves before packaging. No effort is spared for to insure total reliability and consistency of their products.  

At the core of ATG’s global operations is an appointed team dedicated to the safety of the people and the planet. They measure and monitor the short and long term effect of their manufacturing processes and think ahead improve performance and further minimize global footprints. Their gloves are certified by Oeko-Tex® to skin friendly and are guaranteed by ATG® to be 100% allergy tested and dermalogically accredited and therefore can be considered to be the skin friendliest gloves on the planet.  

ATG® series of gloves include:

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