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In the U.S., there are over 400,000 professional welders, cutters, solderers and brazers at constant risk to injury. The key to injury reduction is not just product, its understanding applications so that the right safety product is used.

Personal protective equipment is a critical component to personal safety and this starts and ends with hand protection. Hands are working instruments that complete tasks and no job is successful without them. For this reason, selecting the proper work glove for the task and condition becomes crucial to personal safety, productivity, comfort and PIP® (Protective Industrial Product) offers hand protection products that can help professional welders stay safe and comfortable.

Caiman brand Welders Gloves

When dealing with welding work, gloves are an essential component for protecting the hands from sparks, flames, sharp or rough surfaces and hot equipment. But before you purchase welders gloves, you should know that not all welding gloves are created equal and there are distinctions between the gloves used for Stick, MIG and TIG welding.


MIG hand protection tends to fit looser and often have extra padding on the back of the hands. MIG welders typically rest one of their hands on the work surface while bracing the dominant hand during a weld, this padding further protects the non-dominant hand while working. MIG welders gloves are designed to be easily thrown off if it becomes too hot. These attributes may reduce maneuverability for the fingers but MIG welding techniques rely on wrists rather than fine finger movements.  In a nutshell, MIG gloves offer outstanding protection for the entire hand.

The greater danger in TIG welding comes from light rather than sparks and consequently, TIG glove products are constructed to be much thinner and incorporate softer materials. These protective gloves fit snugly to allow for more precise manipulation of the torch and filler.


Many welding gloves are made from leather or a combination of fire-resistant fabrics and leather that exhibits different levels of weight, flexibility, toughness and breathability. For instance, MIG gloves will more often be made from cowhide or pigskin for their higher durability. On the other hand, TIG gloves will more often use deerskin, goatskin, or fire-resistant fabric for a lighter, more precise fitting glove.


In certain circumstances it is highly possible to safely switch the type of glove used for a task. For instance, when conducting  high-powered TIG welds, it may be appropriate to use MIG gloves as these better protect against sparks. But for low-power MIG welding or MIG welds on smaller type parts that require greater precision, it may be appropriate to use TIG gloves. Just remember this, when choosing a pair of gloves welders should be aware that MIG gloves may hinder finger movement and high heat while constant sparking may damage TIG gloves.


This inherently dangerous occupation requires choosing the right protection to minimize safety risks, maximize worker productivity and optimize the quality of the weld. PIP® offers the right product designed specifically for protecting professional welders that are tailored to work in the toughest applications. Below are stylish, comfortable  and popular high performing  brands of PIP® welders gloves.

  • CAIMAN® GLOVES: The Caiman® brand is synonymous  with innovation, comfort and quality in high performance gloves for welders and utility workers, offering premium, unique patented design features and an optimal fit. +shop here for Caiman® brand Welders Gloves
  • IRONCAT® GLOVES: IronCat® is the ultimate authority in protective glove products for welders, offering durable welding gloves specifically designed for the unique heat shielding, dexterity, tactility and protection demands of all welding and metal fabrication applications. +shop here for IronCat® brand Welders Gloves
  • BOSS® GLOVES:  Crafted from the most advanced materials and engineered to provide maximum protection and productivity for workers in tough Industrial environments. Boss® high-performance gloves deliver heavy-duty protection and offer the best fit, grip and function. +shop here for Boss® brand Welders Gloves

Welding is inherently dangerous. gas, flames, sparks, blinding light-nothing can be left to chance. Our goal is to constantly deliver products that provide superior performance and exceptional comfort at a great value.  Now all you have to do is tap the link and...

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