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Get a Handle on Hygiene

Scott® 24-Hour Sanitizing Wipes

One-Application Can Help Prevent the Spread of Contact-Driven Communicable Germs Touch After Touch After Touch

There are three ways to transmit communicable diseases. The first mode of tranmission is from skin-to-skin contact and the second is when the skin contacts a contaminated surface. These two situations account for an estimated 80% of the transferable diseases leaving airborne as the third major method of transferal.

It's easy to see why individuals suffering from mysophobia, also known as verminophobia, germophobia, germaphobia, bacillophobia and bacteriophobia are hesitant to use or touch door handles, shopping carts, light switches, elevator buttons, doorknobs, keypads, keyboards and other commonly touch public surfaces. Touched all day every day, these surfaces are a breeding ground and catalyst for acquiring disease causing viruses and bacteria.


There are all types of disinfecting surface sprays and wipes available that kill a wide variety of microorganisms but as effective as they are, there are unfortunately some drawbacks to using these.

  1. The first being they are caustic, and respiratory or bare skin exposure can cause personal injury if proper P.P.E. is not worn.  Quat and bleach type chemicals can damage the eyes, cause respiratory illness, pit surfaces and are NOT EPA Designed certified.
  2. The second disadvantage to using a disinfectant is it only kills the germs that are present on the surface at that time and should skin-to-surface contact occur afterwards, that surface needs to be cleaned again or cross-contamination will occur.  Applied several times throughout a day, disinfection can be time consuming, costly and the long-term effects of prolong exposure can lead to personal health and safety issues.

Scott® 24-Hour Wipes Cleans, Sanitizes and Disinfects, All While Not Requiring Any Rinsing or Use of Gloves

Kimberly Clark® Scott® 24-Hour Sanitizing WipesPatented Technology Provides Unparalled Confidence Between Cleans

Scott® 24-Hour Wipes  are EPA registered to effectively kill 99.99% disease causing viruses and bacteria such as E.coli, S. aureus, Strep,  MRSA, Staph, SARS-CoV-2 the virus that causes COVID-19, influenza A virus (H1N1), and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

Scott® Sanitizing Wipes are bleach-free and safe to use on all hard, non-porous and non-food-contact surfaces in the home, office, classroom, childcare facility and gym when used according to directions for use. Patented technology maintains a visible layer of surface protection to provide assurance that the product is delivering 24-hour sanitization.

Prevent cross-contamination on surfaces for up to 24 hours and more with one quick swipe of Scott® Sanitization Wipes. Apply directly to door knobs, steering wheels, cell phones, faucets, handles, light switches, countertops, writing utensils, stove tops, keyboards, remote controls and more. Perfect for locker rooms, schools, cafeterias, gyms, spas, childcare facilities, conference rooms, reception areas on countertops, in the bathroom and beyound.

For safety and peace of mind, there is no better choice than Scott® 24-hour Sanitizing Wipes. All you need to do now is tap the link and ...

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