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A Solid Line Defense Against Liquid Contamination

In any health care related setting or facility, one of the top priorities must be contamination control. It is simply unacceptable to potentially expose patients, students, medical personnel and other facility staff members to potentially infectious body fluids.

As you can imagine, cleanliness is a first step toward preventing the spread of blood borne pathogens. Of similar concern is reducing the risk of contamination during clean-up or handling of bodily fluids such as saliva, vomit or any other bodily fluid visibly tainted with blood.


SaniSorb is used in a surgical blood containerFluid solidifiers, such as SaniSorb® and DriMop® from Multisorb Technologies which come in self rupturing pouches and sheets are a dry compound that turn fluids, such as bio fluids, into a solid gel that can be safely cleaned up.

One of the main uses of Sanisorb® solidifiers is during surgery – a solidifier pouch placed in a suction canister that bursts open upon contact with liquid and goes to work, eliminating the possibility of splashing or spilling if that canister is mishandled. 

Solidifiers are also used during maintenance. Human accidents happen in contained health care settings; samples are shuffled from an exam room to the lab for analysis; and organic waste must be transported to special disposal areas. Solidifier sheets or powders can be used on these fluids if a containment issue arises, instantly absorbing the liquid and forming a solid that can be easily contained, and more safely be picked up.


The solidifiers we sell at MDS help our customers meet the Department of Transportation regulations regarding the transportation of infectious fluids. We recently have received orders for liquid solidifiers from organizations responsible for transporting bodily fluids from draw stations to pathology laboratories. Another post-mortem testing company uses solidifiers when transporting and storing cadavers.

In fact, we recently sold DriMop® solidifier pouches to the U.S. Naval The DriMopĀ® family of productsAcademy. Drug testing is part of developing a strong military, and the Naval Academy tests a set percentage of its midshipmen every week. Should any or all of these vials break during transport, the entire lot would be useless due to cross contamination. More importantly, improper packaging could actually allow these potentially infectious fluids to leak. To protect those handling these samples at any stage of process, solidifier pouches are placed with the samples to immediately absorb any waste fluids.

Whether we’re discussing urgent care centers, hospitals or even the school nurse’s office, solidifiers play a role in keeping health care facilities contamination free. In this day of advanced medical testing and the ability to ship samples, it is also imperative that solidifiers are used to protect every individual in that custody chain. They are incredibly easy to use, very cost-effective, and frankly, an obligation to everyone involved in caring for others. 


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