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Stop the Cold Shock with ChemstopF225FLNV Winter Work Glove

If you’re searching for waterproof industrial winter hand protection for your crew, then be sure to check out this winter work glove specifically engineered for your work environment!


Blood flow of the hands respond rapidly upon exposure to cold water and industrial work tasks in cold, wet conditioSuperior Glove® Chemstop™ F225FLNV PVC Coated Gloves w/ Adjustable Cuffns can cause a reduction in tactility sensitivity, manual dexterity and gross motor function. When this happens it causes a performance loss in occupational workplace settings such as cold storage, fence installation, fisheries, freezer warehousing, towing/salvage, utilities, dock and marina services. It can also lead to frostbite or other serious injury such as a cut or broken bone.

Sudden exposure to cold water or continued cold exposure, causes dramatic effects to the body including the hands which can lead to what’s called “cold shock”.  Cold shock to the hand(s) decreases gross motor function and occupational performance, impairs tactile sensitivity and manual dexterity while increasing pain. Short of being struck by lightning, cold shock is one of the biggest jolts that your body can experience.

If you work in cold weather environments where water on the job in unavoidable, then you require specialized industrial cold weather hand protection designed to keep the elements out while providing enough flexibility and dexterity to complete the task safety and efficiently.


These new Chemstop™ F225FLNV chemical-resistant polyvinyl chloride (PVC) coated gloves from Superior Glove® are specifically engineered for individuals who are at risk to cold water exposure or sudden submerges.

Keep the weather elements from seeping in the glove while protecting against the cold, chemicals, fluids, industrial abrasion and blunt puncture hazards.  These +Chemstop™ F225FLNV waterproof gloves feature a hook and loop adjustable wrist closure designed to keep the cold air and water from seeping under the glove.

Chemstop™ F225FLNV winter work gloves are lined with a soft fleece liner designed for comfort and warmth down to 0°C / 32°F. The black textured nitrile palm coating offers a high performance grip in dry and wet conditions making these ideal work gloves for handling smooth surfaces such metal piping, tools and levers. The hi-vis orange color provides safety awareness and makes hand signaling and compliance checks easier to view.

No matter the job, ensuring that you're equipped with the proper personal protection can help you get the job done both efficiently and most importantly, safely. Maximize productivity and most importantly, keep your employees safe, visible and comfortable with a work glove they will actually want to wear. If you work in cold storage, construction, utilities, dock and marinas, fisheries then be sure to check out these waterproof industrial winter work gloves. All you need to do is click the link and …

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