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Drillers Don’t Manicure

Working on an oil rig is physically demanding, stressful and very dirty. The oil a#STACXPNRVB Superior Glove TenActiv™ Composite-Knit Cut and Impact Resistant Glove with Reinforced Thumb and Micropore Nitrile Gripnd gas industry is considered one of the most dangerous occupations in the world. Fire, explosions and hand injuries, which account for nearly 50 percent of incidents, are everyday hazards that surround drillers.

The use of heavy hand tools, hoists, pipe handling, valve operation and having the hands wedged in or struck by an object caused 56 percent of the recordable incidents in 2014. Occupational hazards from chemicals, vibration, lacerations, impacts, punctures and heat are also serious risks.

With injury statistics trending upwards, many companies are seeking prevention measures such as industrial work safety gloves designed specifically for the oil and gas industry.

Work Gloves Are Proven to Reduce the Risk of Injury By 60 Percent

More than any other body part, injured hands and fingers create loss from worker's compensation claims, work days lost, and related costs.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports more than 70 percent of workers experiencing hand injuries were not wearing work gloves at the time. And the remaining 30 percent of injured workers were not wearing the right type of glove. There is no doubt that the use of hand protection plays a significant role in protecting workers' hands and fingers but they need to be work-specific.

Hands Are a Worker’s Most Valuable Tools

Highly visible from a distance, waterproof, impact-absorbing, high durability, dexterity and grip textures are some features of the work gloves used throughout the oil and gas industry. While wearing hand protection is crucial, wearing the proper type of gloves is critical to performance and personal safety.

Even though work gloves provide high levels of protection, operators are unlikely to wear them for extended periods if they hinder their ability to do their jobs or make the hands hot. Heat buildup leads to hand fatigue and very often workers opt to remove their gloves, both of which potentially put one at risk to a hand injury.

STACXPNRVB TenActiv™ Glove Features

Loaded with multiple safety ratings, these innovative +STACXPNRVB TenActiv™ Anti-Impact Micropore Knitted Gloves from Superior Glove® are perfect for drill operation, pipeline construction and equipment maintenance.


  • ASTM ANSI Cut Level A7
  • ASTM ANSI Puncture Resistant Level 4
  • ASTM ANSI Abrasion Resistant Level 4
  • ANSI /ISEA 138 Level 2  Impact Rated

From the hot-selling TenActiv line, these anti-impact knitted work gloves feature a blend of engineered high performance lint-free yarns for outstanding dexterity, abrasion and puncture-resistance. These snug fitting and ergonomically designed seamless knitted gloves allow the heat to escape while providing amazing comfort, breathability and tactile sensitivity for a cut-resistant glove.

The hi-viz back-of-the-hand protection meets the new ANSI ISEA 138 Impact Standard and safeguards against moderate impact hazards without impeding ­flexibility or dexterity when working. The palms are coated with a black micropore nitrile coating that acts like tiny suction cups. The micropore nitrile will displace oils and liquids when pressed against a smooth slippery surface making them awesome for use in wet/dry applications.

For better longevity, the area between the thumb and index finger features a reinforced nitrile coating to reduce wear in critical areas. The hi-viz accent keeps operators alert to their hand movements. It also makes P.P.E. compliance checks easier and allows one to convey concise hand signals to co-workers while in the woods, up a tree, on a lift or among heavy traffic.

Glove technology is making it possible to contribute to employee productivity as well as their safety. These TenActiv™ Work Gloves address more than one hazard without sacrificing functionality. But don't take our word for it, hit the button and ...

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