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TraffiGlove® TG5180 Arc GlovesUnderstanding

Arc Flash

The most common cause of all electrical injuries is arc flash - an incident which can change an employee’s life in the blink of an eye.

An arc flash is an electrical current that jumps from the intended path and travels through air from one conductor to another. When an arc fault occurs, it causes the release of massive amounts of energy into the air, resulting in explosions which can reach up to 35,000 degrees Fahrenheit in an instant. Such high temperatures can also vaporize metals, such as copper, which sustains the arc and amplifies its power.

What Are The Dangers?

Arc flashes only last for several milliseconds, but this is more than enough time for the superheated air and vaporized solids to cause significant injury to nearby industiral workers. The intense light from an arc flash can also cause damage to the retina. Not only this, but arc flashes are accompanied by a pressure wave and sound blast loud enough to damage hearing or even brain function. This so called ‘arc blast’ also sends any loosen debris, tools or equipment flying out from the fault at supersonic speeds causing further injuries.

What Are The Consequences?

  • First, second and/or third degree burns, not only on the front but also the back
  • Internal damage to vital organs from high amounts of voltage travelling through the body
  • Blunt force trauma from the blast
  • Shrapnel damage to the skin
  • Damage to their sight
  • Health effects from breathing toxic fumes
  • Hearing loss

The consequences of arc flash incidents are often life-changing for the individuals involved and the proper electrical safety PPE is critcal to personal safety.

Reducing The Risks With TG5180 Arc Gloves

When an arc flash occurs, hands are usually the first body part to catch