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The World’s Thinnest Arc Flash-Rated Work Safety Glove”

What's arc flash? is an electrical explosion that happens on energized equipment such as air conditioners, conveyor belts or light bulbs. ¹On average, approximately 2000 workers each year are injured and/or killed while working on energized equipment. Many of these casualties are a result of arc flash. Employees must follow the requirements of the Arc Flash Hazard label by wearing the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) such as Arc flash safety gloves as required in NFPA70E.

If you work in the petrochemical, oil/gas or utility industries and are seeking a flexible, highly dexterous arc flash-rated work glove, then you need to check out these innovative neoprene coated Dexterity® knit gloves. Advertised as the world’s thinnest arc flash-rated glove, these S18KGNE Dexterity® Work Safety Gloves comfortably combine flame-resistance and cut protection into one glove.

 S18KGNE Dexterity® 18-Gauge Arc Flash-Rated Neoprene Palm Coated Gloves by Superior GloveScientifically engineered for flame resistance, these Award Winning work gloves offer Arc Flash Hazard Category 2 with a rating of ATPV 8.2 cal/cm2 as well as 1,125 grams of cut protection (ANSI Cut Level A3) to help protect workers against arc flash and cut hazards when in the field.

A soft, flexible and flame-resistant neoprene palm coating protects the area most prone to heat and provides excellent grip properties without sacrificing dexterity. The thin 18-gauge seamless knit Kevlar® composite ­lament ­fiber shell is smooth against the skin, comfortable to wear and allows for better hand movements resulting in less hand fatigue.

Portable electronic devices are growing in popularity while on the job. They increase productivity and streamline logistics but using touchscreens in the field has its challenges. Very often, operators are forced to remove a glove to input data or swipe, and this puts operators at risk to personal injury. Recognizing this, Superior Glove® made these Dexterity® Arc Flash-Rated Gloves to be swipe or touch compatible with electronic touchscreens.

Available in a full range of hand sizes (5-11), these work gloves will change the way you view arc flash-rated hand protection. But don’t take our word for it, hit the button today to order your pair of...

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¹Cawley, J.C., and Homce, G.T., “Trends in Electrical Injury in the US 1992-2002”,

IEEE Transactions on Industry Application, Volume: 44, July August 2008, pp 962-972