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Reasons to Use Butyl or Neoprene Chemical Protection Gloves

If your business relies on single-use gloves to protect employees during work tasks that involve handling liquids or chemicals, you are wasting money.  Why, because there are alternative glove products available that can translate to saving thousands of dollars. Butyl Rubber Gloves can do everything that disposable nitrile gloves or vinyl gloves can and more!

A repeat question commonly received is "why should I pay more for butyl or neoprene gloves when I can go with a disposable glove?" We in the business understand that consumers may not be aware of the flexibility and performance features that butyl or neoprene gloves bring to the job, so we have put together a short list for you to review to assist you in your butyl glove selections. 

1.  We Can Show You the Cost Savings Using Butyl Gloves
How much are you paying for a box of nitrile gloves? Often times an end user is using a chemical that butyl does a fantastic job of holding out, they are able to use the butyl glove over, and over, and over again. As long as the glove's integrity is holding up, simply rinse them off and start over. The end user will find cost savings by using one glove repeatedly, vs. disposables. We have numerous cases of one pair of butyl gloves lasting for months Image of Guardian Butyl Gloveswhich could translate into hundreds or thousands of single-use gloves!

2.  Offer Superior Chemical Protection
End users often times are using chemicals and they are unsure of what glove they really should be using, and why. Well, butyl gloves hold out a wide array of harsh chemicals. A common example is Ketones, Esters or Acetone, often times being used with 3 pairs of disposable gloves or even worse 1 pair - resulting in possible exposure situations to the chemical. A single pair of Guardian™ butyl gloves will offer superior chemical protection and will not need to be thrown away only after one use.

3.  Reduce Your Waste

It is worth mentioning that when you buy a butyl product that is made here in the USA and will outlast the disposable gloves, you are reducing waste significantly. Guardian™ Manufacturing has had cases that their butyl gloves have been used for months on end without failure. In those same situations, the end users were disposing thousands, if not tens of thousands of pairs of disposable gloves, dispenser boxes and cardboard boxes into the garbage and landfills.

4.  Quality Chemical Protection Products
Gloves are often something employees wear every day, all day. They should offer a good fit, and be made to high quality standards. Guardian™ butyl gloves are 100% American made, built to the military specification, and every single order goes through a 100% visual inspection! The Guardian™ factory is under a ISO 9001 certification that assures their quality procedures at the top of the industry. Guardian™ is proud to offer a superior quality, USA made product.  Their gloves are of the highest quality and have been used to offer protection to United States Amed Forces for over 30 years!

5.  Different Thicknesses and Styles Avaiable
A major feature of single-use gloves is that they are thin and provide much needed dexterity and tactility, especially when handling small objects. Unfortunately, when customers think or hear about butyl or neoprene gloves, they have a tendency to perceive that these types of gloves are extremely bulky which may impede productivity. Well we would like you to know and realize that Guardian™ Manufacturing offers neoprene style gloves and a variety of butyl styles such as 5-mil, 7-mil and for more demanding jobs, a 14-mil thick butyl glove in ambidextrous and hand specific styles. Select surgical fit butyl gloves for the ultimate in comfort, tactility and shop glovebox gloves available in different port sizes.

In summary, Guardian™ Manufacturing products offer potential cost savings, superior chemical protection, great quality, reduced waste, superior performance and less inventory.

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