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Humidifier Bags for Auto Storage

Prevent Mold, Mildew Growth and Corrosion Damage

Finally, winter has passed and spring has sprung, and for me this time of year is my favoriteImage of a Classic Automobile Interior. I never get depressed when I store the snow blower and snow shovels for another season, and taking the winter car off the road and putting my sports car on is the best trade ever! Sitting in the driver seat of the car I love and turning the key for the first time in six months is just as exciting as the first time
Part of my winter storage process is adding these innovative moisture absorber bags to my car's interior. I put one pouch in the back and front foot wells and one in the trunk. 
When I remove these packs each spring I am amazed at how much moisture they absorbed over the cold winter months, and after having one bad experience with winter storage mold on my boat's cuddy cabin, I am extremely thankful I found these +disposable commercial humidifiers pouches for my automobile!

Every car and boat enthusiast should incoporate the wicking technology of these moisture absorber pouches to protect their interiors against mold, mildew growth and corrosion damages. They're easy, inexpensive and effective!

I don't stop using these storage bags in the spring or summer months. Why? Because moisture is always present and there's a whole bunch of that coming in the months ahead! Summer is fast approaching and along with it will be the hot, humid weather.
Personally I don't mind the humid weather; in fact I love feeling like I am in the Caribbean. However, there is one thing I don't care for and it's the moisture generated by humidity. Bad hair days, soggy paper and warm beer are a few results of humid weather, but seriously, excess moisture if left uncheck, can damage the very thing I love, my automobile, or more specifically, my car's interior. A sealed automobile or boat cuddy WILL create excess moisture or condensation that can lead to unreversible damage!


I don't drive my sports car everyday so it sits sealed shut and covered in my garage waiting for that golden moment where I have no lawn to mow, no baseball or soccer games to attend. While many may think storing a car in this fashion is a perfect scenario, I will tell you it's not.
In fact, a sealed closed car, inside a garage and under a cover can accelerate damage. I guess I could leave the windows down but I can't stand seeing a layer of dust or pollen on black interior dashboards or leather, nor do I want to invite spiders or bees and the like to seek safe harbor so - windows up!


Image of Classic Car InteriorA sealed automobile does not breathe and when temperatures and humidity levels fluctuate, it causes an interior to 'sweat'.  Combine this moisture or sweat with a dark environment and you create the perfect breeding ground for invasive mold/mildew that leads to corrosion and rust.
In case you never smelled mold and mildew, it smells horrible. I think I read somewhere that this foul odor is actually the spores' excrement - in this case - your car's interior. Anyhow. 


So what's a little mold to a tough guy? Well for one, good luck finding a germicidal cleaner that claims to kill mold/mildew and is safe for use on automobile interiors!
That $10 cleaner will eventually destroy your car interior surfaces, leathers or fabrics!  You won't notice the damage at first, but conventional cleaners will degrade surfaces and fabrics with time. By the time you notice the drying, cracking, discoloring and loose strands it's too late and it can't be reversed. For a classic car collector, antique car collector or transportation museum, this can translate to lights out.
Let me say I was desperate to find a practical solution to combat moisture problems and I tried all the products out there! I found fault with all of them unfortunately. Most didn't last that long and others needed to be dumped regularly. The dehumidifers that use a reservior bottom held of all things - water! How ironic! And good luck handling it without spilling it ...don't forget to remove it before you drive away (yeah real fun).
I even tried the cloth bags with the rechargable stones and clay like pebbles. This mold and mildew control device had to be taken home, spread out on a cookie sheet and oven-baked to be re-activated. I rather warm up leftover pizza! Not only was this one a pain, it was messy from start to finish! I heard about these fast release packs referred to as 'gas packs' designed to vaporize mildew and foul odors with potent Chlorine Dioxide CLO2. Once I saw the word Chlorine, I stopped right there.

Non-Corrosive. NO Water By Product. Non-Toxic!

I like to share wth you an exciting product that safely, easily and most importantly effectively prevents and removes mositure from sealed automoble interiors. What I found was a 7" x 11" heat-sealed Tyvek® pouch filled with a granule substance that wicks and holds moisture. This crunchy like material attracts, captures and converts airbourne moisture into crystals. These high performing pouches maintain ideal relative humidity for up to 90+ days at 86ºF+ & 90% humidity and can be left inside your car while you drive it.
These desiccant bags are currently being manufactured for commercial-use inside shipping cartons and freight or cargo containers to absorb 'cargo rain' or 'container sweat' incurred during international sea shipping. Corporations like Toro and Dole may add these dehumidifier pouches to protect their metal componets against rust when exporting overseas.
These moisture and mold control storage bags are:
  • Simple-to-use
  • Safe for all surfaces
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-caustic/non corrosive
  • No VOC's
  • Can be disposed in kitchen trash
  • Long-lasting
  • Technology is customizable (add bags to increase moisture and storage capacity)
Air Activated - Keep Pouches Sealed Until Use
It is logical that this moisture technology be used to protect automobile interiors from moisture and dampness related problems. Toss a pack in the front and back foot wells (under the seats) and one in trunk. Add extra bags to increase longevity and moisture volume capacity. They are also awesome for use with RV cabins/compartments, collector car parts, storing scuba, photography/video equipment, hockey equipment and more... anywhere moisture, mold or mildew is a concern.

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