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#BS750.0404.40  Berkshire Bluesorb® 750 Disposable Cleanroom Wipers  - 4` x 4`
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Berkshire Bluesorb® 750 Wipers - 4-in x 4-in

Product Code : 24-C241


ISO Class 5-8 Cleanroom Class 100-100,000 EU Grade A-D

Bluesorb® 750 is an ideal choice for a workmat or visual inspection background. Hydroentangled 55% cellulose/45% polyester is a general purpose wipe used for cleaning and maintenance in laboratories, aerospace, defense electronics, food processing, computer assembly and semiconductor, circuit board, pharmaceutical and biomedical device manufacture. No binders. Absorbent low particle work surface material is ideal for cleaning work surfaces and spill pickup. Blue color worksurface mat will assist in visual inspection process. 4" x 4" size. ISO Class 5-8  Free shipping when your order 2 or more cartons!

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Manf: Berkshire #BS750.0404.40
Packed:  300 per pack, 40 packs per carton (12000)

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